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Thread: The Offspring Tour

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    The Offspring Tour

    Well , The Offspring is coming to Colombia, and i am gonna be in their concert(my first concert ) im so exited about that, besides im gonna be there with with a girl that i like a lot, just we two! have any of you gone to a The Offspring concert? How was it? , well , it doesnt matter, it can be a Green Day or Blink 182 concert.
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    You are lucky. But actually I dislike this band now. They completely lost it. I used to love their old stuff (self esteem, etc...) Anyway yah I've been to similar concerts. You will head bang thats for sure
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    Yep, me too, i also love their old stuff, i probably will go because of it.

    You will head bang thats for sure
    head bang?? what does it mean?
    Yep, that\'s me...

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