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Thread: Round of 16: Argentina - Mexico

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    DAMN, this is so awful. I'm so surprised for the first Argentina's goal, the linesman was in the same line with Mexico's defenders, so how could he not see that?! Shame. Mexico was robbed for the first goal.. and for the second goal it was Osorio's gift for Argentina. In overall Argentina was lucky team last night, but anyways I'm happy that they are qualified in the quarter finals, we'll have to watch a great match between them and Germans.

    And kudos to Carlios Tevez for his second goal.. one of thegreatest goals in this World Cup so far. Well done!

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    What a goal by Tevez!! I hope we sign him. Really a fantastic player.

    I like the Argentine-Brazil mixture that we have at the moment. In previous seasons, it always seemed a bit biased and I felt led to a lack of harmony. It is perfectly balanced right now.

    As for the exclusion of Capitano and Cuchu, I have a sneaky feeling that the squeaky clean angel Messi has something to do with it. Nothing to do with us meeting Barca this season, but I've been feeling so for the last couple of years.

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