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Thread: Final: Holland - Spain

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    Nothing compared to those spanish pigs, one of them even PRETENDED like he was hit and dived, and begged for a red card for his enemy, the ref believed him and so a player who was just running around not even knowing what the fuck he was gotten into got send off with a red card, while he didn't even toch the spanish pig. The pig got a penalty, scored, and so spain won. Later on video they saw what really happened. This was not on the WC by the way, but this is how spanish win, and that's, IMO, even way more dirty. Disgusting. They should become actors or something like that. Divers without cylinders. Tricks like these were often used by them on the WC as well. But yeah, that's spanish anti-football, also used by barca. Supporting spain or barca is supporting the end of football. Fuck this most undeserved WC-'winner' ever.

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    I hated Spain alot too, even though I predicted them to win it all. I was pulling for Germany the most during the WC.

    I saw this game with my friends, and it was so dull (alot of them have never watched a match before) and it was horrible how this game made them never watch another one again. (At least until 2014).
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    Sneijder great pass,Robben only with Casillas..Casillas wins..Robben misses a great target for Goal..
    Sneijder = Amazing passer..

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