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Thread: Traditional songs, clothing, dances...

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    Traditional songs, clothing, dances...

    I am little older now and I wanna little more about other cultures and maybe best way to know that is to hear traditional songs, to see traditional dances, old dressing codes etc.

    I know that Internet gives huge number of information's but, like everywhere, best information's are from first hand. On net everyone trying to show stuff in good light and in reality that can be different.

    So, I will start...

    Bosnian traditional songs called Sevdah are full of emotions. Sad or happy emotional stories who are full of "something" undescriable, you must hear it to fell it.

    I will chose younger version, song is story about warriors who are going in battle, about mother who waits son in tears, about love for homeland....

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    When talking about warriors going into a battle and such. This is originally a poem written by the Norwegian Nordahl Grieg in 1936 for use in the Norwegian Student Society as a way to describe his feelings for war but was later turned into a song. It is sadly still relevant today with all the wars and terrorist attacks we are experiencing.

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