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Thread: Milan - Inter: The previews

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    Milan - Inter: The previews

    As a final on these previews, they will all be posted here. Since we got so many that wrote them, my preview wasn´t needed.



    by Joe Yue

    So its derby time again!We havent win one derby since Ferbruary 2002,last season we lost both match,hopefully this time we can end this bad record.This time its gonna be different,win or lose,we will see the INTER that will try to take the initiative and try to make things happen rather than just sitting back.And to be honest,that is the only way we can actually beat them.Our defence has been leaking gols so far.If we try to play defensive,I have no doubt its a matter of time before Shevchenko and co. punish us.If we try to do what we have been doing so far this season,I can still see us come out on top,with the unstoppable Adriano and Maldini's nightmare OBAGOL.Its gonna be end to end stuff I predict.

    Our start of the season has been quite mixed.We successfully changed our style to attractive football finally but yet our defense flush em all down the toilet.Sadly,this is the problem we should have predicted when we let Canna leave.More correctly,it should be said we make no attempt to replace him with a player equal to his calibre.Materazzi?!Mihalovic?!they are not in Canna's league to be honest.And Burdisso has not been proved in Serie A so he hardly is the right man for us now.To be honest I dun expect us to win Serie A this season coz juve is simply too strong and we just lack the balance they have.Maybe a top defender in Januaray might change my view on that.

    Back to the derby,we have been dominated by milan in the past few seasons.Just like we did to them few more seasons back.I hope this time it will be the turn of things.In football there are always opportunities to redeem urself.A derby win will throw all the negatives away.I hope yesterday's "historic" victory over Udinese can boost our confidence ahead of 2 crucial games.

    The most emotional derby for me is none other than the Euro second leg.I still remember how despair I felt when Kallon's shot was blocked by Dida at the dying minute,a shot that would have taken us to heaven rather than hell we were in seconds later.My tear burst out when I saw Capitano and Ivan cried like they lost the most valuable things in life.That day was the worst day I felt since I have been an INTER fan.The impact as great as 5/5,if not more.

    But I believe,just like life itself,u can never win forever,just like u can never lose forever.Its up to us.Maybe milan have a slightly more balanced team than us but we're INTER,we can beat anyone anywhere anytime.Sometimes its more the psychological aspect than the sporting ones,this is especially true for INTER.What we need most is not luck or anything but self confidence.We know our strength and we know how good we can be,we just need to show it on the pitch.The thing that can drive us to is self confidence.We can beat juve we can beat milan we can beat anyone but so can we lose to anyone.It all depends on us,to make things happen.


    by Timothy Jonathan

    Guys, once again, it is derby time. It is the time leading up to the biggest game of the season for most of us. The importance the derby is so great, that even a traditionally big mid-week fixture with Valencia has paled in comparison. And why is the derby such a big game then? It isn't simply a battle of 2 clubs that share the same stadium in the same city - moreso, it is a battle of pride, honour and prestige.

    The Milan derby is a historically important game in the Serie A calendar. Barring a couple of seasons where the derby was not played, this fixture has had the magical glow of the country's 2 biggest clubs coming head to head, in a game to prove one's superiority over the other, in a city that is very much split in admiration and love for either club.

    This time around, the derby is no less exciting, no less important. Inter are coming into this game undefeated, albeit with a less stunning point total than Milan. The latter can be said to have the slight upper hand coming into the match - but then again, form before the derby counts for little. In the past, so many games have swung by either team, if only because the match is played on the heart.

    Just how many times in the past have we gone into the derby with our hopes held high only to finish the game with our heads in our hands in utter disappointment? Yes, this game is not just a match for the 3 points - it is a game where we put our pride at stake. For as long as anyone has been an Interista, our traditional enemy has been the Milanista. The squabbles, arguments and fights past and present will come to a head during the derby. For 90 minutes, every single Inter and Milan fan will have their hopes in clenched fists, that by the end of the game, only one victor will emerge from the battle.

    In recent times, Inter have had an extremely poor record against Milan that has seen them claw back their deficit in the overall derby win-loss record. This time around, Inter are not looking to simply beat Milan, but to assert an advantage over them in Serie A. However, during the match, statistics and points rarely count for anything. The excitement generated by the playing out of an immaculate spectacle just leaves one in complete awe at the magnificence of this game.

    All in all, the importance of the derby is simply because this game represents everything we have come to love of Inter taking on everything that is the opposite of Inter. Like 2 traditional enemies going head to head, Milan are our nemesis, and beating them is truly one of the sweetest things in an Interista's life. It has been 2 1/2 years since we last beat Milan in a Serie A fixture. It is a long time in waiting - it is time to go out with all guns blazing.

    I can feel it. The derby is ours to win - we just have to believe in the team.


    by Handoyo Sudarga

    It is that time of the year again. Derby d'Madoninna, a match with the devil, with our nemesis. One needs to use tens of thousands of words to describe how important this match is to Interisti. But if those words can simply be summarised to just 3, it would be heaven or hell.

    Nothing can match the joy of beating Milan. I remember Vieri's goal against them in 01/02 as if it was yesterday. Nothing can match the pain of losing to Milan. The images of Javier Zanetti and Ivan Cordoba in tears are still stuck in my mind.

    Current form doesn't matter when it comes to the Derby. Derby is not won by the better team, it is won by the team who has the most hunger, passion and desire to sacrifice blood, sweat and tears to win the game. It is irrelevant if Inter has been playing attractive football or if Milan's defence has been conceeding more goals than last season.

    Both teams will come into this match at the back of 2 gigantic mid-week Champions' League clash. Inter will visit the Mestalla to battle Valencia and Barcelona will be the guest of honour at San Siro, trying to massacre Milan. There will be a first indication on how important this match is to each teams when the starting line-up for both matches is revealed. Will the coaches rest their respective players for the Champions' League in order for them to be fit for the Derby? Or do they prefer to get 9 points so they can put the Champions' League at the back of their head for a moment? Last season, Hector Cuper chose the latter and it was a decision that ultimately led to his sacking. THAT is how important a Derby is to the club. Lose it, and your job is on the line, irregarless of how you did in your previous 2 seasons.

    Recent forms in the Derby certainly doesn't favour us. Milan has always been the team with the most desire to win. Gattuso, Maldini, Costacurta, Shevchenko, Kaka; all of them have shown that the Derby is the most important match of the season to them. Whereas our players like Van Der Meyde, Cannavaro, Helveg; simply just lost their heads when it comes to the Derby. The image of Cannavaro laughing when we were 2-0 down last season in the first meeting still got me completely mad at him. Over the last 8 meetings in 3 seasons, Inter has only managed to win once, losing five times in the process. This is not even counting the 2 draws that knocked us out of the Champions' League semi-final.

    Can we change the trend? Can we upset the Champion, mighty Milan? We certainly have the chance to do so for this is a completely new Inter, under Mancini. We also have the most in-form, although form doesn't really matter, striker in the world in Adriano in our disposal. Last season, he hit the post on what could have been a killer 3rd goal for Inter. Let's hope that he will hit the back of the net this time.

    I believe we can win this Derby. We have the players to do so and we are not worse than Milan, irregardless of what our cugini are claiming. We are Inter! We are a major European club who can win any match against any time. We have to show the drive and hunger to win that we haven't been showing over the last 6 Derby. We have to take out all that frustration for this game. Forza ragazzi forza ragazzi!


    by Pravesh Pradhan

    The long and much awaited Milan Derby is now just few days later on. If we recall our recent derbies, then we might not have liked this derby to be played this early, as it’s been a long while since we last won against them. Oh yeah, we won against them on my birthday (3 March) which was two and half years back, but c’mon, 2.5 years’ a lot when it comes to waiting for a revenge. Lots of things have changed since then, where we went close to our long awaited Scudetto title in the very same season. In the other hand, Milan has achieved a lot since then, from Champions League to Scudetto title, no wonder their fans have found lots of ways to make fun of us.

    It’s not only the results that hurt us, but also to see players like Nesta and Pirlo with Milan, who could have been with us had our management done their job well. Well, it seems to be a tradition in Inter to help our rivals. So, it’s better to forget this discussion for a while, especially at this period when we are going to face those players who we had dreamed in the black and blue kit. Now, lets hope that our team shows such a magnificent display to make us forget those players.

    Inter and Milan will be playing the derby after having stamped their authority against the Spanish clubs Valencia and Barcelona respectively. But I find Inter’s victory more great, coz we won against the mighty Valencia with a big margin, in their home ground. Ok, they did miss Ayala and the other defender, including Vicente, but still our victory’s margin was just too good for our opponent to make any kinda excuses.

    It won’t be easy for our team to break the Milan defence, like we did against Valencia. It’s not that it’s that hard to score against Milan, coz they have leaked a bit many goals in Serie, it’s just that we should play well and most importantly remain balanced.

    It was Barcelona’s first match this season where they failed to score, and the same can happen to us. (We have scored in each and every game till yet). But sadly, we have also let in goals in all the games, except against Werder Bremen.

    have read that Cambiasso had a very good game yet again, playing just above the defence and he should continue in the same role again. After doing his job well against Aimar and Valencia, this time he should do well against Kaka and Milan.

    Recently, it’s been said that whenever Inter starts the game with Adriano, it’s like starting with one goal advantage. But that won’t be the case when we face Milan, coz they have two brilliant players in Shevchenko and Kaka and a top quality defender – Nesta to cancel that one goal advantage. So, this game would start with the score 0-0 and not 1-0, like in other matches. It won’t be easy for Adriano.

    And there is where, the importance of Adriano’s striking partner arrives. So, who shall be his partner – Vieri or Recoba ?? Obviously, it will be Vieri, coz he seems to be doing well and we also haven’t got that many options due to injury to Martins, Recoba is not fit and Cruz would be better as a sub.

    Vieri will have to help Adriano a lot in this game. Adriano will definitely be tight marked by Nesta and Stam, which might help Vieri to get scoring opportunities, which he should take advantage of. In the past, Vieri used to take Adriano’s place, as he would have been tight marked, and Inter would be stopped had our opponents stopped Vieri. Now, it’s not the same case for Vieri as our opponents defence would be kept busy with Adriano; so Vieri would be have to take advantage all the opportunities, if it happens.

    I don’t think I would like us to play with 2 DM, unless Cambiasso is given the free role to go a bit forward, which he can. But there could also be the advantage of playing with two DM – Cambiasso and C.Zanetti (or even Davids) coz that way we can try to stop both Kaka and Pirlo.

    I don’t think it’s the right time to change our goalkeeper in this match, let Fontana continue with his job, which he is doing well.Might we need Cordoba in the center defence to stop Kaka and Shevchenko ?



    by Francesco Ciardulli

    We must wake up now. We're all still dreaming, floating in the clouds of a historic night. 5 goals, 5 different players. Solid performances. The ability to impose our game playing against one of the best teams in Europe.

    It's not easy to wake up, but we really need to, because Milan is here, and we want to beat them, we need to beat them, and most of all, now like never before, we can beat them!

    Milan beat Barcelona so they are on a high too. But they proved to be a bit shaky so far. Barcelona hit the crossbar twice. Cagliari had several good chances to score last week. Even with a full squad, Milan don't seem to be as strong as last year. After all, they're not exactly youngsters, and they're all 1 year older...

    Vieri is back. He scored again, and his morale must be sky high. No need to say anything about the Alien, the Monster, the Fenomeno Adriano.
    Stankovic, Cambiasso, Burdisso, Cordoba, V D Meyde, they all looked magnificent in Valencia. Can they repeat their wonderful performances?

    Derby games are often decided by episodes: Vieri almost scored a great free kick last year (I don't think he ever scored a free-kick in his career, but he almost did it against Milan! And with a curling shot, no just a powerful one!). Recoba 1 to 1 with Dida in the Euroderby, missing a sitter. Adriano missing a sitter in the first minutes of the second half in the derby last year, a goal that would have meant 3-0 for us. Seedorf scoring a cracker.

    What will happen this time? Just close your eyes and let your imagination run free.

    As much as we can analyze, debate, discuss the formation, the episodes and the game itself, we must remember that the derby is always a special, unpredictable game. It's so important, the players are very involved emotionally, and at times that played a great part in the final outcome.

    I just can't wait. Mancini is turning Inter into a magnificent football machine. I trust him completely now. He did more for Inter in a couple of months than countless coaches did in years. Grazie Mancio. I hope things won't go wrong in the derby again, we don't deserve that, and we have all it takes to win. Let's do it!


    by Fabio Occhiuzzo

    With just one dayto go until the world famous Milan derby takes place, we take a look at the older side of the clash of the titans…

    The first ever derby between the cousins was on the 18th of October 1908,yes a year before Internazionale FC was even officially started!This years fixture will take place 96 years and 6 days after the first game was played between the rival teams.Since then there have been no less than 257 derbies – in which plenty of them have provided colour, emotions and tension.

    Some of the great Inter – Milan matches have been played in the Italian Serie A.Just the 4th derby(30-01-1910) was already a thriller – a 7-2 victory to Inter.This was followed over the next few years with 5-0, 5-1, 5-1 victories. The highest ever derby victory took place on the 1st of November 1913 where Inter beat their cousins 15-0!7 goals were scored by A.Cevenini, 5 by L.Cevenini and 3 for Aebi.A fantastic result that made people change their view on the (then) rather unpopular Nerazzurri.

    After that Milan,(who had changed their name from Milan to U.S.Milanese to A.C.Milanese) dominated the derbies up until the early 1930’s this was followed by a period of mixed results.Then under the great Helenio Herrera there was domination – but this time from the Nerazzurri.This period ended in the late 70’s/early 80’s and only lately have Milan derbies had the same passion of the ‘old’ games!

    Unfortunately for Inter many of the derbies in the last decade and a half have gone convincingly to the Rossoneri!In the last 29 derbies in Serie A Inter have only won a measly 6 times.But some of them victories have still been memorable!On the 13th of April 1997 Inter played a top match against their rivals to win 3-1 thanks to goals from Youri Djorkaeff, Ivan Zamorano and Roberto Baggio.A memorable derby for all the WRONG reasons was the 2001 derby where Milan routed Inter 6-0 with goals from Comandini(x2), Shevchenko(x2), Giunti and Serginho.A night to forget for every Inter follower around the globe.

    In European competitions,Inter and Milan have only met twice.The games were leg 1 and leg 2 of the 2002/2003 Champions League.It was the two clubs first ever ‘Euroderby’ and although there weren’t many goals – there was plenty of emotions!The first leg,Milans ‘home’ leg ended in a 0-0 stalemate which arguably gave Inter the advantage going into the 2nd leg.That game also ended in a draw – 1-1 but ever so cruelly Inter were knocked out due to the away goals rule even though they were still technically playing at home.

    After last years humiliations (3-1 and 3-2 losses) Inter will look to go until this fixture with confidence after their stunning victory against Valencia.The Milan derby means the world to the players on the pitch.This is a game where tears,ecstasy of winning,despair of losing is regularly seen!This game can be seen as the pinnacle of arguments between supporters in Italian bars,families torn with split footballing loyalties and of course the black and blue side of Milan and the red and black side of Milan.

    This really is the biggest game of the Italian league and a game that everyone wants to be part of,whether they are on the couch alone or in the stadium with fellow supporters.I can only give 5 words to get what I want; Forza Inter e Vaffanculo Milan!


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