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Thread: Is Milito still the right player to lead the front line?

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    Is Milito still the right player to lead the front line?

    For everything Milito achieved last year I will always be greatful and he has etched his way into Inter history for all time. But on closer inspection I do have my doubts about his commitment to Inter this year. Before I get shot down, take a look at his body language and lack of goals this season so far....straight after the final whistle of the champions league final he chose to bring up his contract and state that many important teams wanted his services??? a random thing to say when you have just won the champs league and scored two goals. All this summer he and his agent were pushing for a pay rise and contract extension and now he has that his form more than his lack of goals is becoming very worrying. I am starting to question his commitment to the Inter shirt and I would rather he leave and be replaced with someone else than just walk around the pitch and do very little. A very poor display lastnight against Romahas again been another lack lustre performance Milito....Sort it out!!!!!

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    Please post/discuss it in the particular thread.
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