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Thread: The Inter Fan Page in facebook is finally here!

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    The Inter Fan Page in facebook is finally here!

    Cheer with your favourite club now! The nerazzurri needs u..

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    That's a group, not a fan page. I'm in too many groups, and I have to leave one to join this one.

    If it was an official group I would have done it. But it isn't, so I'll pass.

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    This is a group not a fan page. I would appreciate to see an official fan page like Barca's with millions of "Likers" rather than a dozen of non official groups or fan pages with each having a couple thousand members.

    This seems to be the biggest with half a million members, but it is in a very bad condition. No updates, even the logo is not replaced. In the album you'll find a lot of bullshit. I even thought contacting the guy who made the page & ask him to make me an admin so I can have an eye on the page, but too bad I don't know who the fuck he is.
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    Had Mazzarri been on the bench today, losing a game from 1-0 to 2-1 against Stramaccioni and Deki, he'd be photoshopped, graffittied and put on every forum urinal for the especially unwatchable second half, stupid and snail subs, tactical idiocy etc.

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