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Thread: A Conversation with Myself

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    A Conversation with Myself

    In the wake of the Milan derby 14/11/2010.

    - Okay, I've had enough of this crap team. This was a disaster. I don't think I'm going to watch for the rest of the season.

    - Whoah hold on. We just lost 0-1. It hurts, but it's not the end of the world. If anything, you should be proud of the team!

    - Excuse me? Proud of the team? Proud of the fact the we lost to crappy Milan?

    - Why don't we put things in perspective first. The only reason you are disappointed is because you were delusional about our status in the first place. You fell for the hype and emotions of a derby where anything is possible, but in reality you missed the reality of our situation.

    - The reality of our situation? What's that? The reality is we lost.

    - The reality is that this team we have now is not our team. Well, it is our team but at their worst. Our key players are injured. Our reserves are injured. Our reserve's reserves are injured! What do you expect the team to do?

    - Sounds like the excuse they were making last year. Well a few of our guys are injured, but we still had Eto'o and Sneijder on the pitch. It's not like the rest of the team are amateurs.

    - No other Italian team achieved half of what we achieved last year. Now, half our players are fatigued. You just came out of a World Cup year, and are suffering from the aftereffects it causes. You have players who didn't have a break since competing and winning three competitions. The other half of your team is inexperienced. Are you seriously considering Obi and Biabiany or even Santon and Coutinho as viable options for a derby?

    - Why not. Everyone has to perform in the derby. And so what if we have injuries, who's fault is that!

    - Not everything has to be someone's fault. Sometimes a combination of events can hurt you.

    - The main event being Benitez. If we had better training methods players wouldn't get injured.

    - Look, it's easy to say "if". But we don't know, what we know is that there are several key areas which effected us. 1- The injury situation which could be attributed to bad luck, training methods, lack of squad depth, and even referees allowing harsher physical play against Inter.

    - But it's our fault the transf...

    - Let me finish. 2- The psychological and physical fatigue caused by competing in three competitions and international qualifiers followed by a World Cup, into a new season where you're competing in more competitions, with no decrease in expectations from the fans.

    - Why should we decrease our expectations if it's the same t...

    - Let me finish. 3- A transition to new coach and playing style, who is playing in a new league, and facing challenges on every front. He is doing his best with a team where a lot of the players are themselves captains of their respective national squads. There are a lot of egos, and his charisma just doesn't do him any favors compared to Mourinho.

    - There! You said it yourself. If we had Mourinho we wouldn't be in this mess. That's the point I was trying to get to all along.

    - Yes. "IF" we had Mourinho things would probably be different. Again, it's just a theory, but we know Mourinho is different. Mourinho would psychologically manipulate the squad to motivate them after they have achieved everything there is to achieve. He would have more scientific and structured methods to deal with training and injuries. He would have pushed harder and had Moratti's faith to get a better transfer season.

    - Yes! Mourinho would have been better!

    - But Mourinho left you.

    - And we got Benitez who sucks.

    - Benitez was and remains to this day our best option after Mourinho left us. There's no single coach in the entire world who could fill his shoes considering the timing and method of his departure. The only reason you are upset is because your expectations were too high entering this season.

    - So, what you're telling me is that I shouldn't have high expectations? That I shouldn't want my team to win? That I can't be disappointed that we lost to crappy dirty filthy Milan? Of course I'm disappointed and of course I expect more!

    - We are all disappointed, but you have to focus your energy on constructive criticism if any.

    - Tell me then. Who should I criticize? Who's fault is it?

    - Nobody's fault! It's a combination of all these things I'm telling you about. It's Mourinho's fault for leaving. It's Benitez's fault for not being a better coach. It's Milito's fault for not finding himself. It's your fault for supporting Inter. It's Moratti's fault for not building a new stadium. It's the referees fault for calling an offside on what would've been a goal, whatever! I could go on for half an hour. It's everything and nothing at all.

    - It's nothing?

    - It's nothing because there isn't a single item you can change to make everything magically alright again. We're in a slump and we just need to ride it through - maybe until January, but most probably until the end of the season.

    - So we're in a crisis! That was my point, it's a disaster and we can't just sit and watch.

    - I think you need to check your definition of the word crisis. If you think we're in crisis then you haven't been following Inter long enough. Did you know that in 14 matches from 2001 to 2005 we only won the derby 1 time?

    - No. I mean yes of course I know that, but it was such a long time ago.

    - It wasn't. It just feels this way because we have achieved impossible things ever since.

    - I know, we've done very well. You're going to tell me about the treble now, but that's not an excuse to not play well anymore.

    - It damn sure is! Do you understand what it means to win the treble? Do you understand what it means to win Serie A consecutively for more than 2 years? There are hundreds of teams in top leagues all over the world who have never in their entire history achieved anything like this. We have bought ourselves at least a hundreds years worth of praise.

    - So you're saying we should lose matches for the next hundred years. You have such low expectations that it hurts me to listen to you.

    - I'm not saying anything like that at all. I just want you to put where we are in perspective. We are still on top of the world, and we are in our lowest form ever, and yet we just lost by 1 goal from Milan. It was just a goal!

    - Scored by Zlatan.

    - From a penalty kick, so what. Even a monkey could score from a penalty kick if he's desperate enough for a banana. Do you understand how desperate Milan were to win? And despite all that we had more possession and more shots on target. If anything, they should be ashamed.

    - They should be ashamed of winning? Are you crazy?

    - In a match where half our team was gone. In a match where most of our players were fatigued. In a match where they absolutely have to win, when they haven't beaten us in 2 years and most of their fans can't remember the last time they had a table advantage against us. In a match where our coach was lost and our fans shifty. In a game where they got a penalty and avoided a send off despite three fouls by Gattuso. In the game where they should have beaten us by at least 5 goals, they just scored one lowly crappy goal.

    - But they're happy. Look at their fans, they celebrated all night.

    - Because they are desperate! What do you expect them to say? Oh, we won, but we hate our team because the team is crap? Milan fans don't admit their team is crap because it reflects poorly on their personal choice when they selected the team as glory hunters. On a psychological level they have to convince themselves that they are amazing and they really believe it.

    - Isn't that what you are trying to get me to do? Convince myself that we are amazing?

    - No. We are not amazing. We are a great, honorable, and worthy team who is going through a rough patch. Our selling point has never been the number of trophies we have on the shelf or head to head results. If that's why you support Inter then you need to look for another team.

    - Why are you so pessimistic about everything. That's such a loser mentality. Is it wrong to want to win? Do you want us to go back to being losers?

    - We were never losers. We lost a lot of games and a lot of trophies before proving ourselves, but we were never losers. I'm just trying to get this point across to you: On the greater scheme of things, a 0-1 loss is nothing.

    - We lost our home unbeaten record.

    - Yes, that hurts, but it's nothing.

    - The bastard Zlatan scored.

    - Yes, that hurts, but it's nothing.

    - More players got injured and exhausted.

    - Yes, that hurts, but it's nothing.

    - The team morale is even lower now and they have no faith in the coach. Moratti is furious. The fans want to see blood. I couldn't sleep all night.

    - Yes, my friend, it hurts, but it's nothing. It's nothing because we've been through worse. It's nothing because on the greater scheme of 100 years of history it's a dot. It's nothing because those who understand football (as rare as they are) saw last night for what it was and saw that Milan are a team not worthy of even a single point on their league table.

    - If Milan aren't worthy then the Italian league is a joke, because they're first.

    - Well, that's a conversation for another day. For now rest and have solace in the fact that we are Inter fans.

    - Inter fans?

    - Nerazzurri. Despite anything anyone saying. Despite anything that happens for the rest of this season. We could end up in the middle of the table for all I care, but that still won't be a reason to be disappointed.

    - You're saying it's okay to lose?

    - Anything that goes up must go down, that's a law of football as much as physics, but at least we are going down with grace. Take comfort in the fact that you follow a great team with great players and great owners. Take comfort in the fact they think they are better because they got a penalty, and they are actually celebrating that. Repeat the words: treble, treble, treble. Be proud of Inter.

    - Well, it does feel good.

    - And ask yourself this: Did you wish you were a Milan fan last night?

    - No, of course not.

    - What if they beat us 0-5 - would you wish to be a Milan fan to experience that joy?

    - No, never.

    - 0-10?

    - Even if they scored 100 goals against us, I could never be a Milan fan or even wish to feel what they are feeling.

    - Why?

    - Because they're Milan!

    - Why?

    - Because they're dirty! Because of Berlusconi and Galliani! Because they are glory hunters and wannabes. Because they have no ethics, they are childish, and mostly they are delusional about their team. Because you don't hear a peep out of them unless their team wins, and then they come out in droves as if they actually achieved something.

    - But they won last night

    - Yes, but we are still Inter, and they are still Milan, and nothing changed!

    - And now you see my point.

    - Now I see your point!

    - Let them be happy.

    - Heh, let them be happy, they haven't been for a very long time.

    - Let them celebrate a stupid penalty.

    - Now that I think about it it's actually funny!

    - Let them think they are better!

    - Let them think whatever they want, we can never change their opinion, even a treble couldn't change that. I don't care what anyone else thinks. I'm proud of my team.

    - And that's the way it should be. Forza Inter.

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    this is funny yet smart in a way... haha.. im entertained.. good thread man!
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    I feel like you transcribed everything I felt yesterday before, during, and after the game. Beautiful.

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