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Thread: Luiz Nazario Ronaldo Da Lima

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    Quote Originally Posted by K.I. View Post
    I get what ur saying but its mainly an issue of english speaking media calling it that and foreign fans who may not know the difference in the translation

    Also that GF example is not really the same though
    Random foreign fans are excused. Inter fans are not.

    Let's also rename the forums to Forza Inter Milan Forums if that's how we want foreign fans to know the club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brehme1989 View Post
    The Italians also do this annoyingly with Bayern calling them Bayern Monaco.

    Being called by Interisti as Inter Milan is sacrilege. Plain and simple. The people who need to mature are those who are naming the club they say they love/like/follow wrong. That's like calling your gf with a wrong name. The prize is a slap in the face, but when it comes to calling your fav club wrong it's "time to grow up".. okay... It's like you're not even worth to be called a fan. It's like being an Everton fan calling yourself an Everton Liverpool fan. Or even worse, a Lazio fan calling himself a Lazio Roma fan and a Roma fan being called a Roma Lazio fan... Half the population of the province of Lazio would probably kill eachother if that was the case.

    The club's official name has always been FC Internazionale. It's been changed to FC Internazionale Milano 60 years in (still less than half its lifetime) and the club's only other name is Inter. Plain and simple. I get trying to explain this to a bunch of EPL loving FIFA playing kids, but it's 110 years in Inter's history and explaining shit like this on an Inter forum is ridiculous and you people should be ashamed.
    You're a "dos santos aveiro" and an "EPL Fanboys" away from a fully encapsulating brehme1989 post.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pimpin View Post
    you can all go fuck your mohters, just my 2 cents.

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    What a ridiculous discussion about our beloved club Inter Milan.
    It will be called Internazionale, because we are brothers of the world.

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    Glad Im a Internazionaleisti not Inter Milanisti
    ‘Whoever doesn’t love El Chino doesn’t love football!’

    jonikemot ---------> chipschups
    Quote Originally Posted by francesco View Post
    Why criticize like he was the worst player in the team?
    either people are having a high standard for inter or they just racist

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    Such a lovely discussion

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    So Brehme do you get pissed off if people just say Bayern or say Bayern Munich.

    Never knew it was such a sacrilege to translate into english but it apparently is
    Strachan can suck my tiny schlong

    Quote Originally Posted by Glass box View Post
    One day FIF should organize and we should go all together to watch a game. At least 50 people. Tickets are on me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottishInterista View Post
    So Brehme do you get pissed off if people just say Bayern or say Bayern Munich.

    Never knew it was such a sacrilege to translate into english but it apparently is
    Translate what?

    The team's name is Inter. That's the only short version you can get. That's every official name used everywhere.

    UEFA uses Internazionale when it comes to official use. When it comes to semi-official use it uses only Inter. And when they want to be very specific, they use Internazionale Milano, which is very rare. Their schedule, reports and everything just uses Internazionale and Inter. And even the incompetents at Serie A use "Inter Milano" when it comes to articles about the club, even if mostly they use Internazionale Milano as well [eg. )

    Who the fuck uses "Inter Milan" that makes this our name?

    As for Bayern, there's no team called "Munich" but in Italian there's a team called Monaco in another city, so that's fucking stupid as well on their behalf. But it's even more fucked up than that.
    Bayern is essentially like Lazio in terms of the name. Lazio is the region, just like Bayern simply means Bavaria. If you want to translate it, it's Bavaria Munich, not Bayern Munich. Unless you're telling me that in English the region is called Bayern and not Bavaria. So that's an even sillier situation.

    Other than FCIM, Football Club Internazionale di Milano, there's nothing that suggests that Inter has a need for the name of the city next to it. Especially the English version of it, which is the name of our city rivals..

    In Italy all they use is Inter. And when they speak to foreigners they mostly call the club "Internazionale".

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    who shit in ur coffee
    Quote Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
    A potential Kovacic sale would completely undo the positive in signing Kondogbia.

    Quote Originally Posted by JJM View Post

    bench: HugoBoss#14,ElDuccio#35,Y&h#11,Wallace#18,militosc ores#22
    ,Lionfap#7,Alan#17,Shaun#16,Fitzy#33,I4E#4,KevinB# 20,Nyall#13,Sokrates#6,#21Uni,crzd#77
    Quote Originally Posted by ScottishInterista View Post
    Guney for president
    so when is this youth project starting

    Quote Originally Posted by Devious View Post
    Was just kidding mate. Inter will teach you to take a black dick in the butt and not moaning much, well, maybe alittle bit, but not so much.

    I mean you`ll grow tougher, smarter, gayer, troller and more stubborn.

    Welcome to the Inter world!
    Quote Originally Posted by Visca View Post
    Congrats, you get a drunk post from me (yay autocorrect))

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