I guess it's worth the while to make a topic dedicated to the rumours about Adriano joining Lost Galacticos since it is obvious that the tabloids will never give this up. Expect rumours to spark even higher come Valentine's Day when Adriano, and probably Vieri, will be invited to Ronaldo's wedding in Madrid.

I once posted that Adriano's chances to move to Real Madrid is very low but that post has since been lost. I still believe though that the move is unlikely to happen. I will briefly say out why.
  • 1) First of all, I think Ronaldo's biggest reason to move to Real Madrid is his brother-cum-agent. I believe Ronaldo's brother is just a greedy b@stard and was just looking for the comission he'd get if he successfully convince his brother-cum-client to move to Madrid. Ronaldo obviously believe his words.

    2) Adriano is not stupid and he knows he will be competing with Ronaldo, Owen and Raul for just 2 spots as Real's strikers. It would take an act of God to replace Raul (Just as shown in Madrid - Mallorca), Adriano believes Ronaldo is a very good player and Michael Owen has one of the best league-goal-to-minute ratio in Europe at the moment. Why would a rising star get in to such a risk?

    3) Real Madrid's spending power is the only thing that can challanged David Beckham's overratedness. Real has spent hundreds of millions buying all those players and we all know it's not cheap to keep expensive toys. I think the revenue generated from the sales of their training ground several years ago has dried up buy now and I don't think they will be spending big anytime soon.

If the move happened though, I think Perez and Moratti are a match made in heaven for there are nobody that comes close when it comes to their lack of IQ. Perez doesn't need any striker and Moratti would then be selling 2 of the world's biggest talent to Real Madrid in 3 years.

To be honest, I'm quite worried about the interview Adriano gave to Canal Plus Spanish and I truly hope that he was drunk or something. If he ever move to Real Madrid, I can only accept it if Adriano has tried his best to win something with Inter first. That means, I will never accept it if he moves in this winter, summer or the next summer. Adriano should definitely stay with Inter for 2-3 more years in respect of the fact that Inter brought him from obscurity to the man that he is right now.