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Thread: Winter Calciomercato Report Card

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    Winter Calciomercato Report Card

    2010-11 Winter Calciomercato Analysis

    IN: Cassano (5m), Emanuelson (~3m), Van Bommel (-), Didac (4m), Legrotaglie (1m)
    OUT: Ronaldinho (-), Onyewu (L, -), Aubameyang (-),
    Net Transfer Spend: 13-0 = 13m
    Net Wages Impact: Negligible
    Analysis: Milan got cover for their key fullback gap (Didac, Emaneulson), an excellent, cheap replacement for Dinho (Cassano), and excellent short term cover for midfeild (Van Bommel). Cover for CB (Legrotaglie for Onyewu) is questionable. All key gaps covered economically.
    Rating: 8/10

    IN: Ranocchia (12.5m), Pazzini (17m), Kharja (L, -), Nagatomo (L, -)
    OUT: Mancini (-), Muntari (L, -), Biabiany (7m), Santon (L, -), Rivas (L, -), Destro (Co-own, 4m)
    Net Transfer Spend: 29.5 - 11 = 18.5m
    Net Wages Impact: Negligible
    Analysis: Key gap in defence with Samuel's injury covered well (Ranocchia), key reinforcement in atttack which was needed (Pazzini), old left back problem (Nagatomo) and better on the ball replacement for Muntari (Kharja). All key gaps covered, 3 younger long term players bought, deadweight cleared... money spent justified.
    Rating: 8/10

    IN: Toni (L, -), Barzagli (0.5m), Matri (L, 2.5m)
    OUT: Lanzafame (L, -), Legrotaglie (1m), Amauri (L,-), Ariaudo (-),
    Net Transfer Spend: 3 - 1 = 2m
    Net Wages Impact: Negligible
    Analysis: Striker shortage due to injuries sorted (Matri, Toni), Barzagli for Legrotaglie is a slight improvement in CB bench. Full back issues ignored, which may cost them a CL spot.
    Rating: 4/10

    Some other clubs:

    OUT: Baptista, Okaka (L), Antunes (L), Cicinho
    Analysis: Financial problems always meant focus on finalising investors, however some money saved without compromising the quality of the squad.
    Rating: 5/10

    IN: Fernandez, Ruiz, Mascara
    OUT: Datolo,
    Analysis: Excellent cover for Lavezzi bought (Mascara), promising CB bought to cover injury gap (Ruiz), decent overall squad improvement.
    Rating: 7/10

    IN: Paloschi (C), Kucka, Antonelli, Pele, Jelenic, Hallenius, Judilson, Ze Eduardo, Boselli (L), Konko, Floro Flores
    OUT: Ranocchia, Palladino (C), Modesto, Tomovic (L), Toni (L), Rudolf (L), Sculli, Kharja
    Analysis: Usual crazy mercato - again the most active club, too many new players bought, some reasonable talent (Kucka, Konko), however this kind of unnecessary churn will hurt in the short term.
    Rating: 4/10

    IN: Sculli,
    OUT: Cavanda
    Analysis: A decent back up striker bought (Sculli) to cover for injuries in the short term. Failed to net a fullback.
    Rating: 5/10

    IN: Macheda (L), Icardi, Laczko, Maccarone, Martinez
    OUT: Cassano, Sammarco (L), Fiorillo (L), Forestieri (L), Marilungo, Fornaroli (L), Accardi,
    Analysis: Key players allowed to leave cheaply (Pazzini, Cassano), novices bought in return. Poor transfer campaign by Sampdoria, complete lack of ambition, freefall expected.
    Rating: 1/10

    IN: Andelkovic, Kurtic, Pablo Gonzalez, Milanovic, Labrin, Paolucci
    OUT: Glik (L), Maccarone, Labrin (L), Joao Pedro,
    Analysis: The usual less known talent acquired, some interesting buys for the future and build up bench strength. No major changes.
    Rating: 6/10

    IN: Dellafiore, Sammarco, Santon (L), Felipe (L), Rosina
    OUT: Nagatomo (L), Schelotto
    Analysis: Lost some key players. Good business done by buying and selling Nagatomo (profit to be realised in summer), replaced by Santon. Lost a key player in Schelotto, but replaced very well by the coup of Rosina. Increased firstteam quality by additions of Felipe and Sammarco.
    Rating: 7/10

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    Good analysis...!

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