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Thread: Leonardo...Poor Coaching Decisions vs Juventus

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    Leonardo...Poor Coaching Decisions vs Juventus

    I've been away from the board...So excuse me if already discused religiously...

    Here are my list of HUGE coaching mistakes...

    1. Leaving Pazzini as the sole center striker in a match were Juventus were packed in the box....Everyone knows this type of match typically requires services from the outside wings...You can't win services with only 1 striker in the box...

    2. Leaving Zannetti on when bringing in Nagatomo...I'm sorry but when you NEED a goal...You should be leaving Cambiasso on the field...He's 10 x the goal scoring threat of Javier...And Javier being on the field allows Juventus to continue to double elsewhere as he was no offensive contribution...

    3. Bringing on Nagatomo and not clearing space....What I mean by that? Why bring on the outside flanker? Because you need him to get up and down the line to start CROSSING the ball into the box because there is almost no other way to score against a team that is leaving 4 players inside the box...But no reason to bring him on if ETO'O is going to continue standing on the sideline...

    Nagatomo had no chance of even getting down the line and providing the crosses...When this substitution happened, Eto'o should have moved to the central striker position along side of Pazzini...

    4. Bringing on Pandev...The guy is the biggest waste of space on this roster...Can he win balls in the air? No...Can he beat people with speed? No...Can he use his right foot to cross the ball in from the right side? No...Can we dribble past players? No

    The player to bring on should have been Coutinho...Atleast he'd have shown some creativity and beaten some players with quickness...

    Several poor decisions led to a huge step backwards...

    Comments welcome..

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    You have Leo's thread to discus that, I agree onlly with Pandev situation.
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    You can discuss this on Leonardo's thread.
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