Some of our boys have some staunch games coming up with their national sides, for the 2012 AFCON championships:

THis one should be one heck of a game. Cameroon is trailing Senegal by 2 points. Only the top of the grp qualifies. So while Senegal will be pressured & tempted to hold a score, Cameroon will be blazing. I expect fireworks in this one. Plus historically the 2 always put up a show of dominance when they meet.

Nigeria (Obi)-Ethiopia
Should be a ride in the park for Nigeria, only prblem is they are trailing grp leaders (Guinee) by 3 pts.

Algeria-Morocco (Kharja)
Do I need to even present this one? THis is one of the 4 Maghrébin derbies (or 6 if u like, but Egypt is not Maghreb, so I dont count them in the those derbies)

I don't know squart about either side. SO I guess only the final score will tell

Other interesting games to catch:
Power show. Egypt, alongside Nigeria, Cameroon & Ghana are Africa's strong houses. RSA USED to be one, as such every now & then they put up a show

In all, if u have the time, dont miss Sanegal-Cameroon & Algeria-Morocco: those are promised crackers!