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Thread: The Two Escobars [ESPN 30 FOR 30]

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    The Two Escobars [ESPN 30 FOR 30]

    While rival drug cartels warred in the streets and the country’s murder rate climbed to highest in the world, the Colombian national soccer team set out to blaze a new image for their country. What followed was a mysteriously rapid rise to glory, as the team catapulted out of decades of obscurity to become one of the best teams in the world. Central to this success were two men named Escobar: Andrés, the captain and poster child of the National Team, and Pablo, the infamous drug baron who pioneered the phenomenon known in the underworld as “Narco-soccer.” But just when Colombia was expected to win the 1994 World Cup and transform its international image, the shocking murder of Andres Escobar dashed the hopes of a nation.

    Through the glory and the tragedy, The Two Escobars daringly investigates the secret marriage of crime and sport, and uncovers the surprising connections between the murders of Andres and Pablo.


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    Thanks Imma watch this once I get the time.. really interesting no doubt
    Quote Originally Posted by Luiz Nazario Ronaldo Da Lima
    Am I disappointed in Suning? Well, the Financial Fair Play is very delicate and football without rules would die. However, if the project to bring Inter back to the top had to go through a sort of re-organization with very strict limits, perhaps it is necessary to explain it more clearly, without deluding the fans.

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    I watched this when it debuted on ESPN...great piece!

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