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Thread: I got banned for some strange reason?

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    I got banned for some strange reason?

    Hey forum mods,

    My account Brickjames got banned for 'duplicate accounts'?

    I'm very confused.. I thought I would make a forum post about it with a new account because the message in my old account says the ban will never be lifted.

    I have logged in from different computers without logging out first, is that why you guys banned me?

    Weirdly enough though, even if I did have 'duplice accounts', I don't see anything in the 'Rules' section mentioning or forbidding duplicate accounts.


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    Dutchie, Why don't you just forget about it man? FIF & you broke up & NO, we don't just wanna remain friends. Come on son.
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    FIF members are not allowed to have multiple accounts. Your old account's IP was matched with the most hated member's bazillion accounts on this board. Closed until further notice.
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