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Thread: New Italian Stadiums Projects

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    The point is the STADIUM. Not its seats, its facilities, its shops, the people that show up and so on.

    You can improve the seating arrangement, you can create better facilities, you can modernize everything, make the grass deteriorate slower, you can put more shops and make better tours... but you cannot recreate this stadium fundamentally! It's simply the best.

    The new Wembley for example is an excellent stadium, great seats and so on. But it doesn't offer a great football atmosphere, at least compared to other similarly rated stadiums ( ). It's similar to the Olimpico of Rome but just more modern. The lack of a track is barely noticeable when you compare the two in terms of atmosphere production.
    Call it sentimental or whatever, but it's simply the truth. The San Siro is one of the few large football stadiums with a heart beat and characters. Most new ones are just bricks & concrete, seem soulless and their main attraction is everything other than the sporting aspects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed. View Post
    the shitty san siro stadio tour?
    oh, ok, right, without mentioing "san siro" for some reason i didn't think of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brehme1989 View Post
    My point stands.
    German crowds and Celtic and various others have excellent atmosphere. That doesn't change anything. And I'm talking about the stadium itself, not the atmosphere the fans create. That could happen in any stadium.

    But entering the San Siro is unreal. That stadium has a heart beat like no other. If you've ever been to an Inter-Juventus or Inter-Milan (maybe not from 2013-2016) or a big CL game you'd never argue against this. Even a tour there during the summer can be enough to realize that.
    I've been in a lot big European stadiums and you are right: The San Siro is something special.

    But what makes our stadium special? Its dimensions and its steep ranks. But it's too big and everytime people talk about a complete renovation, they speak of removing the 3rd tier. Our stadium wouldn't be the same anymore so I think it's better to build a new one instead of a patchwork stadium.

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