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Thread: The gobbi are falling apart!

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    The gobbi are falling apart!

    All is not well in the house of the Old Lady of Easy Virtue. It seems all hell had broken loose after two consecutive defeats...First, even before the Samp game Capello was at war with the fans over Del Piero and Moggi and Giraudo repeatedly used to defend him in public. Then Buffon publicaly refused all blame for the Palermo goal, prompting Moggi to reply:"He should have talked about the National Team." The latest came from Lapo Elkkan, the nephew of the late Gianni Agnelli, who said that Juventus should be more sympathetic to others and that one of the steps towards that is the arrival of Cassano. To that came a blistering attack from Giraudo:"Without sympathy we won 5 Scudetti. And if the Agnellis want Cassano they should start pouring money into the club." Add to that an unprecedented attack on the referees from Moggi and the picture of a bad atmosphere at black and white Mordor is complete. What can we expect from the future?
    Moggi, magari' mori' oggi!!!!!
    Galliani magari' mori' domani!!!!
    Lotito verme!!!!

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    First, this doesn't deserve a topic of its own, it can be included in the Italian or Moggi threads.

    Second, I kind of agree, but I don't think it's that big.

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