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Thread: tickets v ac

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    tickets v ac

    hello from not so sunny scotland

    we are looking for some tickets (up to 8) for the ac match at end of month - we are a mixed bunch of scots (rangers,celtic, aberdeen and st mirren !!) visiting milan for weekend and hope to attend - hopefully compare the atmosphere of the old firm match to san siro derby

    any ideas , offers or plans would be most welcome

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    I can´t help you, but I would guess others could.
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    Dear will,
    Would someone from abroad be able to attend the old firm derby 2 weeks pripor to the match?

    So, unless you are a season ticket holder or affiliated member of IC somewhere in the world you will not be able to buy tickets paying the normal price.

    So your best bet would be to get tickets on the black market outside the stadium. Get there 2-3 hours prior to the game and be prepared to fork out anything between £100-200 per ticket depending on where the seats are.
    Also consider the fact that buying ticket on the black market will most probably prevent you all from sitting next to one another.

    Good luck and if you get to watch it come back and share your experience with us.
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