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Thread: Primavera Transfer Speculation

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    Radu and Valietti official announcements:

    The 21-year-old goalkeeper has joined the Ligurian club on an initial loan deal

    MILAN - FC Internazionale Milano can confirm that goalkeeper Ionut Radu has joined Genoa CFC on a one-year loan deal with an obligation to buy.

    On behalf of the entire club, we’d like to wish the 21-year-old the all the very best for the future.

    The 19-year-old full-back has joined the Rossoblu on a permanent deal

    MILAN - FC Internazionale Milano can confirm that defender Federico Valietti has joined Genoa CFC on a permanent basis, although the Nerazzurri do have the right to buy him back.

    Valietti, who was born in 1999, was one of Stefano Vecchi’s key players for the Primavera this season, helping the side win the Scudetto, the Supercoppa and the Viareggio Cup.

    On behalf of the entire Club, we’d like to wish Federico all the best for the future.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And Carraro:

    The midfielder born in 1998 has sealed a permanent move to the Bergamese side
    MILAN - FC Internazionale Milano can confirm the sale of midfielder Marco Carraro to Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, although the Nerazzurri do have a right to buy him back.

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    Any news on Vecchi's replacement?
    **I move away from the mic to breathe in


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    Quote Originally Posted by Universe View Post
    Any news on Vecchi's replacement?
    It's the guy you and others mentioned, Armando Madonna. He has been already announced as the new Inter primavera coach.

    The Bergamese Coach has signed a contract until June 30th 2019

    MILAN - FC Internazionale Milano can confirm Armando Madonna as the new Coach of Inter’s Primavera side, with the tactician signing a contract until 30th June 2019.

    Armando was born in Alzano Lombardo in 1963, featuring for Atalanta, Lazio and Spal during his playing career. He started his coaching career as an assistant with Alzano Virescit, eventually going on to guide the first team. He then moved to Albinoleffe where he worked with the youth teams, subsequently taking charge of the First Team and narrowly missing out on Serie A promotion. He also coached Piacenza and Livorno in Serie B and Portogruaro and Albinoleffe in Lega Pro. Most recently, he was in charge of Virtus Bergamo from 2015 to 2018, but Armando Madonna has now decided it was time for a new experience with Inter’s Primavera.

    Best of luck, Mister.

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    We get this kid on loan worth 2mil+8mil option to buy and with various bonuses his worth will be 15mil.
    The very talented Genova Primavera CF player will join Spallo's training camp and will be shifted in the primavera and first team.
    He was already targeted last season by Inter in the failed Pellegri+Salcedo swap remember

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    Hope he turn into balotelli skill wise before his brain got corrupted
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    Quote Originally Posted by francesco View Post
    Why criticize like he was the worst player in the team?
    either people are having a high standard for inter or they just racist

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    The 17-year-old defender joins the Nerazzurri on a season's loan

    MILAN - FC Internazionale Milano announces that the player Laurens Serpe has arrived at the club from Genoa on loan with an option to make the deal permanent.

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    All the comings and goings from the summer transfer window

    MILAN - FC Internazionale Milano announces the following moves regarding the youth teams.

    The following players have been signed:

    Laurens Serpe, 2000, loan from Genoa

    Andrea Rizzo Pinna, 2000, loan from Atalanta

    Samuele Mulattieri, 2000, permanent move from Spezia

    Simone Bassi, 2001, permanent move from Enotria

    Edoardo Confalonieri, 2001, loan from Renate

    Matteo Cirenei, 2001, unattached

    Riccardo Cristiano, 2001, unattached

    Brando Sami, 2001, unattached

    Filippo Matteo Mancuso Catarinella, 2001, unattached

    Davide Petito, 2002, permanent move from Vis Nova

    Tibo Persyn, 2002, permanent move

    Antonio Sattin, 2002, loan from Padova

    Andrea Ballabio, 2002, permanent move from Pro Sesto

    Simone Tononi, 2002, loan from Sudtirol

    Alessandro Rosà, 2003, permanent move from Enotria

    Andrea Cappadonna, 2003, permanent move from Sarnico

    Giovanni Fabbian, 2003, permanent move from Padova

    Davide Redondi, 2003, permanent move from Virtus Bergamo

    Marco Monti, 2003, permanent move from Virtus Bergamo

    Filippo Annibale, 2003, unattached

    Cesare Casadei, 2003, unattached

    Niccolò Moratti, 2004, permanent move from Donatello

    Federico Bailo, 2004, permanent move from Padova

    Lorenzo Peretti, 2004, permanent move from Cremonese

    Amadou Makhtarlyi Sarra, classe 2004, permanent move from Liventina

    Simion Ovidiu Gabor, 2004, permanent move from Ausonia

    Riccardo Nava, 2004, permanent move from Renate

    Kifle Gambato, 2004, permanent move from Sudtirol

    Bryan Bonucci, 2004, permanent move from Livorno

    Francesco Zambelli, 2004, permanent move from Virtus Bergamo

    Federico Motti, classe 2004, unattached

    The following players have left the club:

    Tommaso Spaviero, 1999, permanent move to Cremonese

    Armand Rada, 1999, permanent move to Renate

    Luca Tamma, 2000, loan to Pro Sesto

    Ndzo Giovanni Durel Tchetchoua, 2000, permanent move to Francavilla

    Nicolas Galazzi, 2000, loan to Fanfulla

    Elia Visconti, 2000, permanent move to Bologna

    Federico Pelle, 2000, loan to Parma

    Brando Radaelli, 2000, loan to Fanfulla

    Eric Battilana, 2000, permanent move to Sandonà

    Manuel Marzupio, 2000, permanent move to Virtus Bergamo

    Christian Mandracchia, 2000, loan to Caronnese

    Riccardo Lunghi, 2000, loan to Bologna

    Marco Pedroni, 2000, loan to Cremonese

    Alberto Brigati, 2001, loan to Padova

    Christian Duse, 2001, permanent move to Padova

    Riccardo Ferro, 2001, loan to Monza

    Gregor Kajganic, 2001, loan to Sandonà

    Mattia Mariani, 2001, loan to Renate

    Fabrizio Bagheria, 2001, loan to Parma

    Koua Leopaul Essan, 2002, loan to Varesina

    Riccardo Goffi, 2002, loan to Monza

    Riccardo Arnanno, 2002, loan to Giana Erminio

    Valerio Wilfrid Anane, 2002, loan to Renate

    Oluwa Femi Emeric Romaric Guedegbe, 2002, permanent move to Fiorentina

    Selomon Mangiarotti, 2002, loan to Piacenza

    Andrea Moretti, 2002, loan to Novara

    Mattia Tordini, 2002, loan to Torino

    Alessandro Giacomo Gian, 2003, loan to Enotria

    Luca Prinelli, 2003, loan to Monza

    Dennis Iannello, 2003, loan to Monza

    Nicholas Patrignani, 2003, loan to Pavia

    Simone Oppizzi, 2003, loan to Cremonese

    Nicolò Donarini, 2003, loan to Pergolettese

    Shnajder Ndoci, 2004, loan to Brescia

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    Look forward to them financing our next couple windows then
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glass box View Post
    One day FIF should organize and we should go all together to watch a game. At least 50 people. Tickets are on me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottishInterista View Post
    Look forward to them financing our next couple windows then
    PES manager mode for life!
    Quote Originally Posted by Universe View Post
    I'm just going to assume Spalletti thinks that young, attacking players like Karamoh and Lautaro are like laser guns in video games, or kamehameha in Dragon Ball Z - the longer you hold down the trigger and charge them, the more power they fire with. That's why he waits until the 88th minute to bring them on. If he gives them more time, they'll be weak. He's charging them up for 80+ minutes for bigger impact in those last 120 seconds. pew pew.

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