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Thread: New football website

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    New football website

    hey there I was just wondering if I could ask some questions about a new football website me and my friends are making?

    We are a mixture of computing and politics with foreign languages students who all have a passion for football. We are looking at making a website with opinion blogs, statistics and match reviews. We are going to make the match reviews have more tactical analysis than the usual match review. We will primarily focus on the Premiership, La Liga and Serie A. We are particularly trying to look at the Spanish football as we cannot find many good English sites for Spanish football and obviously the Premiership. If successful and if we are able to find more people to help we will expand to the lower leagues and more world football. The website probobly won’t be up and running for a few months but are hoping we will be set for the end of the Copa America which we will do a review of.

    We were just wondering if people thought this was a good idea?

    and if there were anything which you would think would be a good addition to the website and things that you would like to see offered on the webpage?

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    Less coverage of EPL first. More attention to the other leagues. There is a gap in this market and something that can be exploited.

    Everything a man should be. We miss you Cipe.

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    Hire a member here called vitomins and pay him to do your statistics, he's amazing

    Is it similar to Zonal
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    you can all go fuck your mohters, just my 2 cents.

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