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Thread: Summary of Inter co-ownership deal (before buste/auction)

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    Summary of Inter co-ownership deal (before buste/auction)

    Based on

    Enrico Alfonso GK - Renewed with Chievo
    Andreolli DF, back to Chievo
    Giuseppe Angarano FW - No Deposit, (current club Piacenza)
    Andrea Bavena GK - No Deposit (current club Portogruaro)
    Manuel Canini DF, Renewed with Cesena, remain in youth team
    Raffaele Conforto to Sassuolo
    Lorenzo Degeri FW, Renewed with Cremonese, remains with Cremonese
    Dennis Esposito DF back to Inter from Monza
    Simone Fautario DF , Renewed with Como, remains with Como
    Nicolas Giani DF, Renewed withVicenza, remains with Vicenza
    Rene Krhin MF renewed with Bologna
    Felice Natalino renewed with Genoa
    Obi renewed with Parma
    Michele Rigione 100% Inter
    Rincón DF, to Chievo
    Matteo Solini renewed with Chievo remains in Inter
    Thiam renewed with Sassuolo remains in Inter
    SCHIAVINI Giorgio N.D. (current club Sassuolo )
    STOCCHI Luca GK , N.D. (current club Piacenza)

    Those deals were inter-locking
    Andrea Lussardi back to back to Piacenza
    Matteo Colombi FW back to Piacenza
    Mei back to Inter
    TREMOLADA back to Inter

    Simone Benedetti DF, Renewed with Torino, remain in youth team
    Stevanović, Renewed with Torino

    And last be not the least VIVIANO go to blind auction/closed tender, MITROVIC also the same

    On the same day Roma bought back Curci, a piece-weight? Another goalkeeper music chair

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    Thanx for the effort matt86hk but I already listed these in in the 2 official transfer threads. So locking this thread.
    Forza Inter per sempre!!!!
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