Ganso is the latest and greatest young playmaker in Brazil, but are the media right to compare him to Kaka?

With nearly every squad of players at nearly every football club in history you can watch them play and recognise the better players; you can recognise that maybe one player stands out more than the others. When Ganso is on the pitch you can see more than that. You can instantly recognise that he’s the heart of the team. You can instantly recognise that he’s a cut-above the rest. You can instantly recognise that he’s something special.

It’s often hard to sum up a player in just one word, but in the case of Ganso, it’s actually remarkably easy - “magician”. All over Brazil he’s dubbed ‘the new Kaka’, and it’s evident why. His vision is something that you only see in a few players per-generation. His passing is so sublime it seems almost as if he can see his team-mates’ movements before they even know they’re going to make them. When you look at the Santos team, you talk about Neymar. He’s the star, he’s the goalscorer and he’s the idol. What people often forget is that the goal scorer would be absolutely nothing without the goal creator. As the famous saying goes – “a striker can only do what he can with the delivery he’s given.” Well, if that’s the case, it must be an absolute dream to have Ganso threading passes into your path. Neymar even went as far to comment in an interview saying that his team-mate and fellow countryman is “the left footed Zidane.” The BBC’s South American football correspondent Tim Vickery also praised him, saying “he’s strong in possession, with the vision to see a killer pass and the technique to play it!”

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