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Thread: Sneijder the missing piece in Unitedís Midfield jigsaw

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    Sneijder the missing piece in Unitedís Midfield jigsaw

    Wesley Sneijder is the player Manchester United should have got to replace Cristiano Ronaldo... but it is still not too late.

    Creative midfielders are absolute gold dust nowadays it seems, with price tagís to match. Samir Nasri, in spite of only having a year remaining on his Arsenal contract, is apparently worth £25 million. Likewise, Ashley Young was in the final year of his Aston Villa contract, but that still didnít stop Manchester United stumping up £15 million for his signature. Jordan Henderson is that good that Liverpool have paid £20 million for his services and Luka ModricÖ Well, youíre best asking Daniel Levy how much heís worth, at least more than a derisory £22 million or even £27 million.

    Another coveted midfield maestro whose services are desired by Englandís elite is Inter Milanís Wesley Sneijder. In the aftermath of Manchester Unitedís ďhidingĒ by Barcelona in the Champions League Final a few months ago, a sports journalist at the MEN, James Robson, ran with the headline, ďMessage to Sir Alex: Get SneijderĒ.

    It seems like a very bold statement to make to one of the best managers in the business, But then again it does carry an awful lot of validity. A player of Sneijderís ilk is the exact thing that Manchester United have been crying out for in recent times. Since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009, coupled with the diminishing influence of Paul Scholes and the marked decline of Michael Carrickís ability as the 2009 Champions League final demonstrated, Unitedís midfield has often lacked, for infinite want of better words, the X Factor.

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