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Scotland has the crowds because of the two Old Firm clubs which sparked an overall interest for football in the country. Has the attendance numbers raised for Aberdeen, Motherwell, Hibs and Hearts since Rangers went down? Not especially.

I don't think Aberdeen and Hibs suddenly would raise their level on the field and thereby be able to increase their competitiveness. Instead I think you will experience the same as what happened in Norway; Rosenborg had been dominating and doing well in the European tournaments for many seasons until the air got let out of the balloon. Yes the result was a league with more competitiveness but the overall level of the teams went down.

I'm not saying the situation as it is now is good for Scottish football as I think we will see the same fate for Celtic as we saw for Rosenborg if this continues as it is difficult to stay motivated if you don't have an opponent at your level. I therefore hope Rangers will be back as I simply can't see anyone of the other Scottish clubs be capable of taking this task. They simply lack both the financial muscles and the number of supporters to make it happen. That's why I think the best and only option for Scotland is to restore the true Old Firm and to not forget the big importance it has had on Scottish football and hopefully still will have.
The average attendances increased since rangers went down. Strangely the only one that decreased was celtic.

The old firm does not spark interest in the game. In fact it can have an opposite effect. Aberdeen over the past 20 years or so have their biggest crowds at Pittodrie which don't involve old firm games. That's because whilst the day firm bring a large away support, the home fans stay away because of the nonsense they bring.