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Thread: Daniel Passarella

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    Daniel Passarella

    Daniel Alberto Passarella * 25 May 1953 - Defender

    Based on his Wikipedia page information, he played for us between 1986–1988 44 games & scored 9 goals. Note that with a couple exceptions, most of y'all were still swimming in your father's balls when he was a Nerazzurro. He is the current President of River Plate.

    I became interested in him because 1. I'm the team's CB in FIFAUW & 2. because of his nice & rhythmic sounding family name. Passarella!!! Sounds beautiful, doesn't it?

    He was called "El Gran Capitán" (the Great Captain, nickname of Argentine Independence heroe José de San Martín) or "El Kaiser" (an allusion to Franz Beckenbauer) because of his leadership ability, his passion, and his organisational prowess on the field. He was a defender who often joined the attack, and helped generate and finish offensive plays. At some point, he became football's top scoring defender, with 134 goals in 451 matches (that record was since broken by Dutch defender Ronald Koeman).

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    Had Mazzarri been on the bench today, losing a game from 1-0 to 2-1 against Stramaccioni and Deki, he'd be photoshopped, graffittied and put on every forum urinal for the especially unwatchable second half, stupid and snail subs, tactical idiocy etc.

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    10 years of FIF
    One of the best Argentinian defenders in the last 30 years or so...was lucky enough to watch him in a lot of the world cup replays.

    I may be wrong, but I don't believe he has been incredibly nice to us recently...hence why there's not that much love. I'll try remember.

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    I was born when he signed for Inter.. no matter the day was.

    I thought football in Italy had changed, but it seems that a zebra never changes its stripes.

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