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Thread: FI needs some Epic Lulz

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    FI needs some Epic Lulz

    Can we get blackmore to come to Dubai?

    Suneet Bajaj, blackmore.inter

    blackmore.inter: mm confirms eto didnt ask for raise
    blackmore.inter: how much would lavezzi cost?
    blackmore.inter: de laurentis wouldnt let him go cheap right?
    blackmore.inter: go to krakaw for boys night
    blackmore.inter: its supposed to be amazing
    Suneet Bajaj: Already booked prague bro
    Suneet Bajaj: Flyin in 5 days
    blackmore.inter: prague is amazing too
    blackmore.inter: wheres myinvie bitch?
    Suneet Bajaj: Need a fuckin break
    Suneet Bajaj: I hav an extra bed
    Suneet Bajaj: Fly out
    blackmore.inter: i wish...going dubai next week
    blackmore.inter: for 5 days
    Suneet Bajaj: Wat??
    blackmore.inter: yeah
    blackmore.inter: lol
    Suneet Bajaj: Dude
    Suneet Bajaj: When
    blackmore.inter: probably 22nd
    blackmore.inter: not cfmd yet tho
    Suneet Bajaj: Ok whr u gna b puttin up
    blackmore.inter: details still to be finalised...depends on which work site we r going to
    Suneet Bajaj: Ok work site
    Suneet Bajaj: Explain
    blackmore.inter: company has a few jobs down im going for site inspection
    blackmore.inter: just make sure everythings ok
    Suneet Bajaj: Ok wher are ur sites
    blackmore.inter: last visit was at hyatt
    Suneet Bajaj: Grand or the one with a revolving dick on top
    Suneet Bajaj: Np wherevr u stay
    Suneet Bajaj: We gon party
    blackmore.inter: when r u leaving?
    Suneet Bajaj: 24th just past midnight
    Suneet Bajaj: So I'm here 22nd n 23rd night
    blackmore.inter: ill let u know man..hopefully i get out of here 22nd
    blackmore.inter: waiting for some equipment to be shipped off, then i can go
    Suneet Bajaj: Actially just one night 22nd... Cz 23rd night is 24th midnight stupid me
    blackmore.inter: lol..yeah
    Suneet Bajaj: Its ok whenever ur here
    Suneet Bajaj: And hw many days here?
    Suneet Bajaj: Cz m cmin back 29th
    blackmore.inter: 5 only
    Suneet Bajaj: If I cud push my trip back I wud have
    blackmore.inter: just imagine...u will be able to see uncle blackie!
    Suneet Bajaj: Ok tht doesn't sound right
    blackmore.inter: HAHAHA
    blackmore.inter: hope i can go...
    blackmore.inter: will be epic
    Suneet Bajaj: Atleast coupla drinks atleast
    blackmore.inter: when indians meet...its never a couple
    Suneet Bajaj: Hahah .... Wat part of atleast u din understand
    blackmore.inter: so true
    blackmore.inter: silly me
    Suneet Bajaj: Fuckin austrian airline wants 500dhs that's 175usd to delay my trip
    Suneet Bajaj: Fuckin lauda air
    blackmore.inter: u know what lauda means right?
    blackmore.inter: in punjabi
    Suneet Bajaj: Haha yes
    Suneet Bajaj: Its wat han doesn't hav ahahaa
    blackmore.inter: u out of all the ppl should know best!
    blackmore.inter: HAHA
    Suneet Bajaj: Haha
    Suneet Bajaj: Nvr met him
    blackmore.inter: who u going to prague with?
    Suneet Bajaj: My best mates
    blackmore.inter: ok nice 1...heard it gets pretty crazy there...just make sure u come back "clean"
    Suneet Bajaj: I've had the same mates since I was born..
    Suneet Bajaj: Lol ok
    Suneet Bajaj: M a comitted guy
    blackmore.inter: haha
    blackmore.inter: ahuh!
    Suneet Bajaj: Actualy when the wife was notified I was expecting a big argument..all she said was 5 days is too much without u baby
    blackmore.inter: oh my...u r indeed on lucky sob
    blackmore.inter: i need to find a chick like that
    Suneet Bajaj: Yup I am
    blackmore.inter: if it was me...there would be a full investigation
    blackmore.inter: fbi wouldnt come close
    Suneet Bajaj: But I've had some pretty bad ones too.. So I think its only fair
    Suneet Bajaj: Hahaha fbi
    Suneet Bajaj: I dnt blame her... I mean who calls himself uncle blackie
    blackmore.inter: its my new persona in fif...auwfulman is taking a back seat for a while
    blackmore.inter: lol
    blackmore.inter: im now uncle black...the voice of reason
    blackmore.inter: BWAHahahhaa
    Suneet Bajaj: Haha
    Suneet Bajaj: This chat has been epic
    blackmore.inter: How do you think the discussion related to Calciopoli will end?

    "I feel like telling a joke: one day I'm going to call up all the clubs' Presidents, one club at the time, and I'll gift them that Scudetto. Calciopoli has nothing to do with me, but with others, I'm not involved in it whatsoever. You see, Italy is a country where if you feel guilty about something, you want others to feel guilty too. But I have no sense of guilt about this, and I never will."

    blackmore.inter: classic MM
    Suneet Bajaj: Pwned
    blackmore.inter: dayuum straight

    Everything a man should be. We miss you Cipe.

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    Everything a man should be. We miss you Cipe.

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    Did he at least show you his pic?
    Quote Originally Posted by Armes View Post
    Had Mazzarri been on the bench today, losing a game from 1-0 to 2-1 against Stramaccioni and Deki, he'd be photoshopped, graffittied and put on every forum urinal for the especially unwatchable second half, stupid and snail subs, tactical idiocy etc.

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    Rubbing cocks on cam?

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