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Thread: Russian Premier League

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    Russian Premier League

    Since you guys have been talking about it often, in Etos thread and in CL thread, we decided to open separate thread for it.

    22 games are played so far.

    1 Zenit St Petersburg - 46
    2 CSKA Moscow - 46
    3 Dynamo Moscow - 41
    4 FC Rubin Kazan - 38
    5 Anzhi Makhachkala - 37

    The table of the first 5. SCKA had 7+ points only few rounds ago, and their form falied, and they now have same ammount of points with Zenit.

    Top scorers:

    1. Doumbia (CSKA) - 13
    2. Kerzhakov (Zenit) - 13
    3. Lazovic (Zenit) - 9
    4. Semsov (Dinamo Moskva) - 9
    5. Davydov (Kuban) - 8

    So, for Anzhi, CSKA, and other teams, talk here.
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    Seen as how MLS is here too, why not rename 'Italian & European Leagues' just to leagues.
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    you can all go fuck your mohters, just my 2 cents.

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    Eto'o will be the leading scorer in this league after like 5 games.
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    The problem with this kind of site in english is the international brand of supporters from non-footballers or non-top-footballer countries..
    You see people from Colombia, Oceania, Ireland(i think) pretending that at least ONCE in their life they saw a young wc talent arriving and becoming a world star.

    Just a idea: if you want a serious debate about football, you should block everybody from countries that NEVER will win nothing and NEVER will have a balon d'or, for example.
    Whats the point about those guys opinions??? Can i go to some New Zealand chat and start to teach them how to recognize the better wc prospects among young Rugby players?
    Again, if you NEVER saw a young wc prospect struggling in his first years, like Kaka or Ronaldinho who were booed by they local supporters here, how could you judge????

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    Did the RPL pay a tribute to the fallen Lokomotiv team at all?

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