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Thread: Very good transfers analysis by Andrea Bosio

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    Very good transfers analysis by Andrea Bosio

    Original article here.

    All credit to Andrea Bosio, my translation follows:

    Anyone who knows me says that I consider just being an Inter fan a victory, whatever the results on the field.
    And perhaps that's why I tend to accompany every decision made at Inter with massive doses of optimism and serenity.

    Today the most important transfers session of the football season ended. I know that many Inter supporters, despite the latest signings, are questioning the actions of the Club. Let me explain why I do not consider this approach particularly appropriate or justified.

    Let's start by saying that none of the top 5/6 teams had a transfers campaign which fully satisfied the fans. Reading the various forums, especially the Romans and Juventus, is quite significant in this regard. Never before all teams had to restrain themselves like this year, both because of the economic crisis and the imminent application of the infamous financial fair play.

    So, bearing in mind the general climate, let's look at our Club's transfers.

    In defence we let go Materazzi and Santon, whose relationships with Inter were obviously compromised, and we welcomed Jonathan and the Brazilian "Prodigal Son" Caldirola.

    In midfield, we said goodbye to Kharja and Mariga but signed Poli, Alvarez and baby Tassi (great young prospects).

    In attack we have lost and Pandev and most importantly Eto'o (the latter was a painful but correct decision towards a player who gave us so many dream moments) but Castaignos, Zarate and the Uruguayan champion Forlan have arrived.

    To these signings we must add the fact that we succeeded in keeping several key players with us. This should be seen as a huge success in this economic climate. We're talking about the likes of Julio Cesar, Maicon, Thiago Motta, Sneijder and Milito who were followed by many major European clubs.

    Whilst the balance in the team’s defence and midfield doesn’t seem to have been greatly affected by the transfers, it will be important to understand how the team will react to the sale of the Cameroon star and the integration of Zarate and Forlan.

    It will be without a doubt very hard for the pair to replace Eto’o, but the Club has sent a strong signal. Accepting the sale of a champion to buy players more suited to the new boss’ tactics is an encouraging and important signal for the destiny of the season (for the record note that Eto'o, if Cameroon qualifies, would be away for a long period between January and February playing in the Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon).

    Having two central strikers like Milito and Pazzini and six external forwards who can play between the lines like Forlan, Zarate, Sneijder, Alvarez, Coutinho and Castaignos makes Inter absolutely competitive and a strong contender for the Scudetto.

    This prediction can be supported by the fact that last year, despite the very disappointing work of Benitez, the many commitments and countless injuries, the team, as well as winning the Italian Super Cup, the World Cup for Clubs and the Coppa Italia, finished second in Serie A only 6 points from the much praised 2nd team in Milano.

    Perhaps my optimism and my peace of mind could become infectious for many Interisti brothers…

    P.S. Questions, comments, curiosities ... Send me your e-mails at I will answer the best messages every Saturday in the column "The stakes of the BoA." I'll be waiting ... Bye!
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    Thanks F.

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    Nice read, totally agree...

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    Agreed here as well I wrote for our site something similar tbh
    "This wonderful night will give us the colours for our crest: black and blue against a backdrop of gold stars. It will be called Internazionale, because we are brothers of the world."

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    It's great that you are optimistic about Inter Milan. But I am still worried about our aging defense especially Samuel and Chivu. Stankovich, Motta and Cambiasso are extremely slow and almost motionless most of the time.

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    Good read. It's hard for me to be as optimistic as the writer of this though. Not sure of all the chemistry with Gasp's system just yet.

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