Diego Forlan is finally an Inter FC player.

I remember having Diego Forlan's name in my mind a lot some months ago. It was the 2010 World Cup, he did a great World Cup winning the top goalscorer title of the Cup. Everybody was impressed by him, everybody talked about him. I have in my mind a story about him that really touched my heart: the story of his beginning in football. His sister Alejandra was in intensive care after an accident that killed her boyfriend and lived attached to a machine, he loved her so much. He went to his dad and told him "Dad, I'm gonna be a great football player so I can pay all the cure for Alejandra and she can get well". And he did it. He was just 15 when he was brought to France to play.

Being a great football player wasn't enough. He created with his sister the FundaciÚn Alejandra Forlan, a foundation that points out the perils of dangerous driving.

I remember the day I discovered Diego Forlan. I was touched by his story and I was impressed by his game... Continued at Diego Forlan is finally an Inter FC player.