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Thread: One of those defeats that never end...

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    One of those defeats that never end...

    I took the time to transalte this editorial by th Telelombardia journalist Gianluca Rossi.

    What I really can not accept with Inter is, that once an unexpected defeat comes, it has to go on forever. Inter lost the derby, period. But no, paradoxally, the worst always comes in the following days when the effect of the defeat is supposed to wane. At Inter, however, a defeat can last a whole week fueled by, voices, behind-the-scenes action, denials and poison. So Adriano, relegated to the bench, almost went mano-a-mano with the usual do-nothing fan who told him to go to Real and Recoba refused the bench in Emre's place in case Veron bailed out in the last minute. In fact, Chino spent the derby at home wanting to be close to his son Jeremia, downed by the flu. And then, there is the dissatisfaction of Davids who, in the face of no small number of exclusions, behaves like a model professional and evades any dangerous statements. Still, it is absurd that every defeat has to provoke rumours that last the whole following week. Blaming the press is convenient, but it is also the players who must realize that the bench or not being called-up is not the end of the world.

    There are also people who say that Mancini is subtle as a sledge-hammer when it comes to explaining his choices, but then again for years it was said repeatedly that Inter needs a "hardman" on the bench, one that does not yield to anyone. Also the idea that Mancini is closer to his pupils Mihajlovic, Stankovic, Favalli, Vieri and Veron then to others has been around for quite a while. I find it completely apprehensible that a coach coming to a new team wants people around him that he has absolute confidence in. This happens in all professions, not just football. And we are not all equal, nor is every man equal. Adriano is not Karagounis, just like Materazzi is not Gamarra. There were always hierarchies and there will always be. They can be modified but not ignored. And it's strange that one should think that of Mancini, whose career is a living example that champions are not like other players. To Boskov, Mancio was never like Fausto Pari, nor was he the same as Dario Marcolin to Eriksson.

    And at the end of a difficult season, here's Sinisa Mihajlovic, one of those considered to be best buds to the coach. "I have to work twice as hard as others in order to dispell all those absurd suspicions." said Mihajlovic. Mihajlovic, who never speaks in cliches, in fact went a step futher: he warned Adriano to wake up because the bench never killed anybody and above all stated that not everyone believed in Mancini's project. If we are to be a bit nasty we could say that the atmosphere, other then the team-mates, could be influenced by a director. But it is deja vu at Inter. If some people at the club do not go in the same way the owner does or do not support his choices it is natural that defeats will be harder to digest every time.
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    A very good article by Gianluca, I can't believe I missed this topic for so long, I only spotted it now when I checked the Unanswered Posts link.

    Thank for the translation Milos
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    I had missed it too!! wow! Great stuff Milos!
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    Why we gave out Davids I will never know!!

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    So what's he sayin'?? we should stick with mancini for the coming seasons? If so, I wouldn't mind much.
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    he would get the sack, but moratti loves him

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    We need a better coach, Mancini is good, but is too young and if we want to wait for a further 5-10 years of no trophies except the occasional Cup and Super Cup until Mancini matures into being a better experienced coach like Anchellotti and Capello, I say OK keep him!!

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