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Thread: Should Afcon be held in Jan/Feb or moved to June/July?

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    Should Afcon be held in Jan/Feb or moved to June/July?

    Continued from the obi thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by galoise View Post
    Well this is not the place to go into that debate, but why the fuck should Africa organize its competitions according to UEFA schedules?!?!?? It has always been in Jan/Feb coz of the weather conditions in most of Africa. Europeans are basically asking Africans to host the ACN in mid year (summer in Europe) & rainy season in most of Africa! Does that sound fair to the African fans?!?! Y'all need to get off this European high horse & realize that others have a right to their own planning!
    Fact it is not the rainy season for most of africa, it is only for the western part of the continent. Fact is June/July would suit southern africa better since its outside our rainy season and would also help northern africa since it would mean playing in mild temperature as opposed to the extreme heat they have to play currently in Jan/Feb.

    The schedule also puts unfair pressure on most of the top african players having to pick between club glory or national team glory. Its unfair to put them in that situation.
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    I would say June-July. If the reason is the weather, it won't make any senses. I would accept Jan/Feb if leagues in Africa starts on Feb and finishes by end of year like Brazil or Argentina. But, the fact that Copa America is June/July, there is no more reason for ACN not being held in the same months. Euro, Copa America, Asian Cup are all held in June/July, why can't ACN?

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    If they move it to June July I can bet more people will watch it.

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    yeah, should be moved to june/july for obvious reasons (more people would watch, more players can play)

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