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Thread: About calling me terrorist and thieve..

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    About calling me terrorist and thieve..!

    Since when it's ok at the forum when someone, I don't care if he's moderator, calls you terrorist and thieve (and he said it in a racist way, but the way does'nt really matter..)?

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    We will discuss this internally. This doesnt have to be a public discussion. If anything is found against the rules, we will take action. Thank you.

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    We will discuss but firstly you started the situation by opening a political thread.
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    Siamo noi,

    I firstly told you this is fine and that I was happy so much other people got to go home too. Then you reply with

    Quote Originally Posted by Siamo noi
    I don't like the idea of free life for terrorists, but still today I don't give a fuck about any of them, I'm happy for Gilad that got back his life.
    You instantly implied everybody detained were terrorists. Which automatically brought in politics.

    I replied with,

    Quote Originally Posted by Anon
    Ok clearly this is impossible without getting into politics so I'm going to close this thread as I think you're all terrorists and thieves and you think the same of us.
    My simply point was to show, you think the people you released were terrorists while I would take the stand that Gilad is a terrorist for being in our area. BECAUSE POLITICS ARE NOT ALLOWED, I closed the thread as from that point, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to keep it civilised.

    You then private message

    Quote Originally Posted by Siamo noi
    How did you get the messaged that all of you are terrorists?!
    I reply with,

    Quote Originally Posted by Anon

    I just didn't want to get into an argument and I don't think it's possible. Im happy that youre happy though. But please lets keep the politics off the forum
    I have nothing to hid Siamo noi. I closed the thread because the path it was heading was not a good one. I accept you think those released were terrorists, but accept my view that I think the same about the Israeli soldiers.

    This is all I'm going to say about this topic. All in the open.

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