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    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    Considering our current squad and that we will not be challenging for the Championes League in the next few years, I'd say all these players are/ will be top level and enough for us to challenge Juve: Handa, De Vrij, Skriniar, Bastoni, Sensi, Barella, Brozo, Eriksen, Lautaro, Lukaku So my point...
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    Lazio - Inter (16 Feb 20) [2-1]

    0 - 1, Vecino goal, fuck Juve
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    Serie A Calcio Mercato, Winter 2019-20

    We need to consider any MF we bring will virtually be starting at least a couple of matches as we have Coppa Italia soon, adding up to Serie A and Europa League schedule. Brozo, Sensi and Barella can't play 2 matches a week for the whole season.
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    Inter - Juventus (6 Oct 19) [1-2]

    Forza Inter! Quite some time since I've been this anxious for a match!
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    Barcelona - Inter (2 Oct 19) [2-1]

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    Sampdoria- Inter (28 Sep 19) [1-3]

    Sensi is amazing. Fingers crossed for Lazaro...
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    Offical squad photos

    ops, already posted
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    Italian Serie A 2019/2020

    So far, it seems a three horse race between us, Juve and Napoli. Ofc, we are the underdogs are us but the gap is the narrowest for quite some years... if Lazaro pulls a surprise on us (just like Sensi did), we might have a very fun season.
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    Inter - Lazio (25 Sep 19) [1-0]

    2 - 0 Lukaku, Sensi How wonderful it is to actually have midfielders scoring regularly...
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    Milan - Inter (21 Sep 19) [0-2]

    Awesome match, just shows how ahead we are from Bilan.
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    Inter Jerseys

    Well crap, I like it. Gonna have to buy all three of them this year.
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    Milan - Inter (21 Sep 19) [0-2]

    Their line-up is shit. But indeed, a derby is a derby!
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    Nicolò Barella

    Welcome Barella!!!!!
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    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    What concerns me is our incapacity of selling mediocre players, so many of them are still here...
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    Inter Jerseys

    I like the black training jersey so much. Love the black and gold.