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    Inter - Empoli (6 May 22) [4-2]

    GG wp
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    Inter - Empoli (6 May 22) [4-2]

    All the comments about Correa. I'm no hater but there is something about him that triggers the shit out of me. He is actually not that bad per say if you actually watch his movement and touches, guy has technique and finesse but that counts for fuck all if you are not efficient. Also he is...
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    Inter - Empoli (6 May 22) [4-2]

    Goddamnit I was just about to flame some more
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    Inter - Empoli (6 May 22) [4-2]

    Wow Empoli is beating us and beating themselves at the same time. Total chads
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    Inter - Empoli (6 May 22) [4-2]

    Yep we are just the first loser. Could be worse ... we could be Juventus
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    Inter - Empoli (6 May 22) [4-2]

    Now we are begging for pens .... just fuck off and play the fucking game
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    Inter - Empoli (6 May 22) [4-2]

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    Ionuț Andrei Radu

    He should have never been our second keeper. At his age after actually playing at serie A level he should have had continuity. That is a very massive fuck up and unfortunately at this stage in his career it just destroyed his credibility. He was never really any good with the ball at his feet...
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    Bologna - Inter (27 Apr 22) [2-1]

    Funny how up until now this game was considered as good as won for us. Overall it was not a bad game per say however some players suck donkey dick and their attitudes just make you wann gouge your eyes out. As for Radu as ridiculous as his blunder is its not actually his fault. Goalkeeper rust...
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    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    Bremer is such a fucking animal. I am getting mad Koulibaly vibes from him, just oozing strenght and confidence.
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    Juventus - Inter (3 Apr 22) [0-1]

    Suck a big fat dick Dopentus
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    Inter - Fiorentina (19 Mar 22) [1-1]

    I was drinking regardless so :yao:
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    Inter - Fiorentina (19 Mar 22) [1-1]

    At this point I find no joy in Milan/Napoli fucking up anymore. Never expected them to become so dominant but once they got there also never expected them to lose form so drastically. This is some heavy banter era shit. Fuck off
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    UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

    Laughed at Dopentus getting buttraped by Villareal but then I remembered how shit we play at the moment so I continued laughing.
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    Torino - Inter (13 Mar 22) [1-1]

    Dzeko can go fuck himself and suck a big fat dick. Fuck off if you cant fucking score that.