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    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    not that crazy really see this time we have strama a coach MM obviously supports who has a clear idea who he wants and branca does what he does best and get the shit done... as long as there is someone telling B what to do or who to get we're fine..
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    Rodrigo Palacio

    This. I don't even get how people can think like that :chan: Like benching milito will do good for him or us he needs to constantly play if he's fit,the goals will come pple can be very impatient.Its a good thing Palacio is becoming great for us this way there will be less pressure on milito...
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    True.. Palacio has been great so far :thumbsup:
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    Walter Gargano

    Welcome :)
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    Andrea Stramaccioni

    Stramaccioni then spoke to Inter Channel about the transfer market and he wanted to say "a big thank you to Marco Branca and Piero Aid. The technical director has been in Portugal for the last 48 hours and has come back with the player we wanted, Alvaro Pereira. I thank them Because they, along...
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    Actually guys there is more... remember MM back in June I think where he said he will build a great inter that will win shit :pokerface: well this is it... cassano,gargano and pereira just made us scudetto challangers :work: Grande MM!
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    Vaslui - Inter (23 Aug 12)

    Milito,Palacio and Wes are gonna do great things together this season :megusta:
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    Javier "Il Capitano" Zanetti

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    Antonio Cassano

    still can't believe we not only made BBilan pay us $$$ but got Cassano to boot B may have done some fucked up shit in the past but man this is a great deal...
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    Antonio Cassano

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    Antonio Cassano

    :oblivious: now he must be feeling all :dino: while we're all like :slick: :awwwyeah: :pazzini:
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    Pescara - Inter (26 Aug 12)

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    Álvaro Pereira

    I hope Maic stays if we sign this guy,what an attack we'll have with these 2 on the flanks + Wes,Cassano,Palacio/Coutinho,Milito :datass:
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    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    personally I'm jst fucking glad we finally have a coach they listen to,I mean if it wasn't for Strama MM and B wouldn't even consider Cassano.. of course they shouldn't have listened to him regarding chivu (renew his contract instead of kicking him out) but they probably would've done the same...
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    Walter Gargano

    wow. Cassano,Gargano and (possibly) Pereira all in 1 week... :pokerface: