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  1. crzdcolombian

    American Comics (Non manga)

    Starting this thread as the other comics thread is basically just about anime. Any one read superhero comics my parents sold their house. I worked at a comic book store during high school. I had a ton of old stuff. I really only took the stuff I liked when I bought my house. I have a lot of...
  2. crzdcolombian

    Copa America 2021 Brazil

    Was suppose to be hosted by Colombia and Argentina 2 weeks ago was taken from Colombia because of protest in the country. Yesterday Argentina dropped out because of Covid. Brazil who is the Latin American country with the most cases of Covid will now host :) Other option was to do this cup...
  3. crzdcolombian

    Copa America 2019 Brazil

    Neymar is now out because of his ankle. If anything I think this helps Brazil his diving cost Brazil the 2018 WC. Interesting copa America lot of teams rebuilding and the end of an era for a lot of players but with a Copa America in 2020 maybe we will see them again next year Uruguay and...
  4. crzdcolombian

    U- 20 WC Poland 2019

    Colombia owns Poland :) Italy with a nice win as well.
  5. crzdcolombian

    Round of 16: Colombia - England

    Round of 16: Colombia - England:pazzini::slick::datass::epicwin: vs Round of 16, Spartak Stadium Moscow 03 Jul 2018 - 21:00 Local time Link Colombia's last 3 results Japan – Colombia 2 - 1 Poland - Colombia 3 - 0 Senegal – Colombia 0 - 1 Englands's last 3 results Tunisia - England 1...
  6. crzdcolombian

    Watch games for free in the US

    So if you download the Telemundo Deportes app on your tv or phone. You can watch all the games for free It’s in spanish but easy enough to navigate. Super shocked you don’t have to sign up or anything for it. Pretty sure it’s in 4k becauae that’s what my tv is
  7. crzdcolombian

    Rate the 2017 Winter Transfer Window

    I personally give it a C-. Linked to getting all our deadweight dropped. Almost none left or in shit conditions. Would have been higher if we had gotten any money from Transfers or bought Rodriguez. Good -Gags so far so good but um paying a arm and leg for him. - kept our team in tact. We...
  8. crzdcolombian

    Copa America 2016

    This cup.... is total bullshit. It should be played in Colombia or Ecuador who are next in line to host. But no it is in the US. The same country that cried about corruption at FIFA. This cup is openly confirmed that it is being played in the US because of bribes haha Any way for Colombia -...
  9. crzdcolombian

    South American World Cup Qualifiers

    Ecuador !! OMG !!! Argentina - Messi = Concacrap team Brazil - that little diving bitch Neymar = crap Colombia - James = STILL TU PAPA !!! Chile is the team to beat still. Even tho Peru lost they look really really good. That Carillo kid we are linked to was doing great today thankfully Peru...
  10. crzdcolombian

    Copa Oro 2015

    Any one watching this BS cup? Why is it always in the U.S.? Also the U.S. Was allowed to make 3 roster changes when they made it to the 2nd round!!!!! How is possible or fair? Why don't they just do US/Mexico are in the semis and let the rest of the crap teams in that cup play.
  11. crzdcolombian

    South America might lose 5th spot to WC

    Because of Boca fans FIFA is using it as an excuse to steal our qualifying spot. Fine half our teams can qualify to the WC but let us loose it the right way by playing and not some bs two asshole fans ruined it for a whole continent...
  12. crzdcolombian

    FIFA U-20 World Cup New Zealand 2015

    Rosters are in. Why are teams only allowed to bring 21 players for the U20 WC? Games are May 30-June 20th SA team - Arg, Brazil, Colombia and URuguay Europe - Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Serbia, Austria and Ukraine NA - US, Mex, Honduras, Panama ... Don't think the other regions have a shot...
  13. crzdcolombian

    Olympics 2016

    What teams qualified? SA - 1.5 spot + Brazil as host 1. Argentina - qualified champion of the U20 Qualifiers 2. Brazil - host 3. Colombia - 2nd place in qualifiers need to beat 3rd place Concacaf team to Qualify in October Who else is qualified. South America has both Qualifiers and Copa...
  14. crzdcolombian

    How much are tickets and are they easy to get?

    I will be in France for school the last 12 days of May and can take the train To Milan to see Inter play Empoli. Shouldn't be sold out haha. Last time I saw them play in Italy was 15 years ago. Really want to go. Will be in Europe from May 20-June 1st want to spend 3 days in Italy. Have to...
  15. crzdcolombian

    South American U20 Cup

    Its in Uruguay. Top 4 teams go to the WC. 3 Qualify for the Olympics. Brazil + 2 others. Hopefully Colombia and Argentina :) to Olympics To WC - Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile/Uruguay Groups are bullshit Group A - Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Boliva and Paraguay haha ARE YOU SHITTING ME ...
  16. crzdcolombian

    Interview with Native

    Hi.... We should be friends :). We got a little heated during the WC and maybe should make up :rollani: Any way don't be a bitch and answer my questions 1. Name 2. Age 3. where do you live? 4. what do you do? 5. When/why did you start supporting Inter? 6. favorite player of all time? 7...
  17. crzdcolombian

    Game of Thrones [BOOKS SPOILER]

    I see a bunch of people are posting about this we should have a separate thread for it. Has any one read the books? I think a lot of people will be pissed off at the end of this season. Its why I stopped reading them. Or maybe its the next book.... :D
  18. crzdcolombian

    Inter players at the World Cup

    What Inter players will be at the World Cup? It use to be basically every player whoms team made the World Cup btu with our current level how many of our guys will be in Brazil? Sure things 1.) Naga 2.) Guarin - can't play 1st game because of red card in qualifers 3.) Palacio Maybe 1.)...
  19. crzdcolombian

    Calling up Nationalized players?

    What do you guys think of this? I think it's kind of bullshit. Brazil is pissed that Diego Costa is playing for Spain and not them. No way does Spain have a better shot at winning the WC then Brazil does at home. I mean the whole Gio Rossi thing pisses me off but I get why he did it. US has 0...
  20. crzdcolombian

    Anyone know how much Nike gives us per year to wear their uniforms?

    Juve is leaving Nike because they want $20 million euro a season to be sponsored. How much are we getting?