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    A thread for discussing stocks.
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    Positive football stories

    We need a topic where the positive football-related stories can be posted now when we are in the period of corruption in FIFA and a new match-fixing scandal in Italy. I will begin with this story about John Guidetti and a promise he made to a Swedish kid. The article is in Swedish but I think...
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    I'm addicted to this game...
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    Pione Sisto

    Born: 4 February 1995, Uganda. Position: Left wing, right wing and attacking midfielder. Height: 1.71 m Nationality: Danish I'm in love with this guy. Seriously. I have not watched much Danish football in the last many years but I have as a Dane watched a lot of news about this guy. His...
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    France NT

    I believe the French national team will be a great again within a few years. The following players were born in 1991 or even later. Strikers and wingers: Griezmann - 91 Lacazette - 91 Fekir - 93 Martial - 95 Niang - 94 Colman - 96 Maupay - 96 Benzina - 94 Midfielders: Pogba - 93 Rabiot - 95...
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    We should have a thread in here for the Scandinavian leagues. The Copenhagen derby was played this weekend. Here we have a great video with it. This is from the derby last season. And good news in Sweden: Hammarby will be back in the first division again next season. Amazing support...
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    Casual music

    Whatever... People may hate this kind of music but I don't care. The purpose with this thread is to spread the good vibes of different kinds of 'lounge' music. Genres are classical, deep house, ambient, chill-out, indie, folk and things in between. I will begin with these three great Danish...