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  1. Choppin Onions

    Rubin Kazan - Inter (22 Nov 12)

    Yn3YqoRDTQo :fuckyea:
  2. Choppin Onions

    Bologna - Inter (30 Aug 10)

    Start of the new season. Let's put the rather bitter taste of the Super Cup defeat behind us and destroy Bologna. On paper it's an easy game but as the old saying goes "games aren't won on paper"
  3. Choppin Onions

    5 Year Anniversary.... (read on)

    ....for members who registered in 2004. 5 fucking years I've been at this place. I'm gonna list the things I've done in 5 years, some Inter related, some not. Everyone else do the same. Don't really care if you've been here for 5 years or whatever. I'm just bored and dont have to work tomorrow...
  4. Choppin Onions

    Netherlands - Russia (QF) (21 Jun 08)

    About as close as Total Football as you'll find in this day and age. Purely orgasmic watching these two teams play. The Dutch will probably win but I'm still looking forward to it.
  5. Choppin Onions

    Inter - Livorno (16 Feb 08)

    Yawn. Rest Ibra, Cruz and whoever else that needs it and.... beat those commies.
  6. Choppin Onions

    Inter - Parma (20 Jan 08)

    Contrary to what everyone thinks, we do have a game this weekend. :P Parma aren't what they used to be, but they still give us problems and I have a feeling it won't be any different on Sunday night. The lineup shouldn't have too many changes from the last few games (excluding Coppa Italia)
  7. Choppin Onions

    Inter - Catania (16 Sep 07)

    Stupid international break. Hopefully none of our players get injured. Should be a winnable game. I think we beat them pretty good last year at the Meazza though I can't remember the scoreline. A good warm-up game for the midweek battle in Turkey as we kick off another hopeless season in Europe.
  8. Choppin Onions

    Happy birthday lads!

    Even though I'm better looking than you lot and just plain a better person, I'd like to wish Shazzy, Khaled and Il Magnifico happy birthdays. This place just wouldn't be the same without you.... it'd be better :P
  9. Choppin Onions

    Where will YOU be in 10 years? (must read!)

    Here are some shocking predictions, some of which will probably come true, by the one and only.... B-Rad. Bear in mind, this isn't meant to be malicious. It's for sh1t and giggles. Hamed - Unhappily married with about 6 six kids running around. Suspiciously half-caucasian, Hamed suspects foul...
  10. Choppin Onions

    Inter - Messina (17 Dec 06)

    On paper it looks easy but now isn't the time to get complacent. Vieira and Maicon are back while Grosso is out and possibly Crespo as well if he doesn't recover in time. I believe Matrix, Deki and Ibra are all on cautions for this game and seeing we have Lazio (away :scared:) after Messina I...
  11. Choppin Onions

    Who do you live with?

    Well pretty simple question. Parents, grand-parents, by yourself, with roomates/friends, sibling's, GF/BF etc. etc... As for me, I live with a stoner friend I've known since I was 7 years old. I also lived with my ex-gf for a very short while before we ended up hating each other. :P
  12. Choppin Onions

    Empoli - Inter

    Game number 36 in what has been a forgettable season. Will be interesting to see our next Italian forward in action. ;)
  13. Choppin Onions

    I'm back

    Feels good to be back home after a somewhat bittersweet vacation and my last one for a damn long time. I say bittersweet because while I enjoyed my time in Germany I also almost lost my life in a car accident that landed me and my uncle in the hospital with neck injuries while the driver of the...
  14. Choppin Onions

    Leaving this forum

    .... due to power-crazy mods and unfair administrators. Nah, just kidding. ;) I love the mods and Jimmy, Han and Tim do superb work. Actually I'm leaving for Germany tomorrow for the next three weeks so you won't be graced with the most loyal (arguably) Interista in all of Western Canada. Will...
  15. Choppin Onions

    UEFA Cup Finals 97/98

    Our last European trophy. I admit I wasn't a fan of Inter at this time but I downloaded the game off my roomates computer using Emule. Our team was quite good with a fairly young Javier Zanetti and the ever infamous Il Fenomeno. Both scored superb goals (along with Zamorano) and we won 3-0...
  16. Choppin Onions

    Official: Karagounis to Benfica

    Karagounis I think the old Kara topic got lost. One of the lesser known Nerazzurri but one of my favorites. Rarely if ever features for Inter, but he never complains about it and often has expressed his desire to stay with Inter to prove himself. :proud: Deserves more playing time but then...