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  1. thatdude

    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    Yeah I think Sassuolo can cause Milan a few problems because they have some youngsters that attack with verve but their defense has no answer for Leao and Theo. Nothing short of Leao getting COVID or something is going to stop them now IMO. He is a cheat code in this league.
  2. thatdude

    Serie A Calcio Mercato, Summer 2022-23

    Crazy part is two of their most interesting signings were really close to joining Inter (Leao and Tonali).
  3. thatdude

    Paulo Dybala

  4. thatdude

    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    I think Cabral could surprise a lot of people next season. He’s shown glimpses, this is a weird league to adjust to but I agree that he’ll be fine.
  5. thatdude

    Matteo Darmian

    Agreed. We need replacements for him and D’Ambrosio next summer.
  6. thatdude

    Matteo Darmian

    Glad to see he is back in form. I do wonder if we should be starting to look for his replacement in the squad, someone like Bellanova. However I think we’ve got bigger needs and he can do a job for at least another season.
  7. thatdude

    Alexis Sanchez

    Sanchez has to go. I appreciate what he’s done when he’s played but we can’t have that much salary allocated to a guy his age that struggles with injuries. Hopefully Dybala can take his space in the squad.
  8. thatdude

    Cagliari - Inter (15 May 22) [1-3]

    Yeah if we add Dybala, Onana and Bremer without selling Lautaro I don’t see why we can’t be competitive again. We will have improved our weaknesses.
  9. thatdude

    Keita Baldé Diao

    I actually think he had a ton of talent and potential. He should have never went to that Monaco team. His development was stunted greatly. I even think if he would have stayed for Conte’s first season he could have been a solid option in that counter attacking system. However the ship has...
  10. thatdude

    Simone Inzaghi

    Yeah he couldn’t say a Serie A match. I think we all know it’s the Milan game or Bologna game.
  11. thatdude

    Ivan Perišić

  12. thatdude

    Bologna - Inter (27 Apr 22) [2-1]

    Watching the highlights of their game against Sassuolo in particular is so annoying. Players barely jogging to get back in position. They literally fought against Inter like it was their own personal trophy. Miha basically confirmed it in his interview. We still shouldn’t have lost, can’t...
  13. thatdude

    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    They’ve been to two finals in the last 10 years. It’s not like they’ve always been poor in CL.
  14. thatdude

    Lautaro Martinez

    I think that in hindsight this will be a really important season for his development. Last year Lukaku was the guy, Lautaro had his moments but overall we all knew who the Batman was in that tandem. This year Lautaro had to adjust to being the focal point of the attack and to be fair that took...
  15. thatdude

    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    Yep, flop of the season for me. Of the core players that were instrumental in our success last year his level has dropped the most. And if we’re being honest he has always been the weakest link mentally. This is the guy who couldn’t play away at Lazio the year after he left because he’s...
  16. thatdude

    Cagliari - Inter (15 May 22) [1-3]

    He’s seen what you have to do to play
  17. thatdude

    Cagliari - Inter (15 May 22) [1-3]

    The more I see Bellanova the more I like him. He’s got pace, see Milan if you’re wondering what that can do in this league.
  18. thatdude

    Cagliari - Inter (15 May 22) [1-3]

    We are really gonna have to dummy proof this squad for Inzaghi
  19. thatdude

    Cagliari - Inter (15 May 22) [1-3]

    Not sure what Skriniar could have done there to not have it hit his hand
  20. thatdude

    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    The pace of Kalulu and Tomori saves Milan again and again. Or I should say the lack of pace from everyone else in this league.