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  1. cloudq

    Leonardo Bonucci

    I reckon the interest in our former youth product has risen enough for him to deserve his own thread. id like him back. inter youth products that make it big are few and...
  2. cloudq

    Lorenzo Crisetig

    who is this kid? hes included in the squad against Bahrain
  3. cloudq

    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    this will truly be another golden era in inter's history f*cking orgasm
  4. cloudq

    Sepp Blatter and the six+five rule

    Blatter Targets 'Six Plus Five" Rule Within Four Years Fifa president Sepp Blatter continues to champion his controversial 'six-plus-five' rule, despite fierce opposition, and is targeting having it in place by the 2012-13 season. Sepp Blatter, in Sydney...
  5. cloudq

    Nike deal

    Inter To Extend Lucrative Nike Deal Serie A leaders Inter's economical future has been given a boost by the news that the deal with Nike will earn the club even more money after 2009. If anyone was wondering how long Inter's winning cycle will last, latest news...
  6. cloudq

    Your favourite players and why

    i wanted to start this thread to see why our favourite players (under our avatar) are our favourite players... ill start... 1. RONALDO: cos i fell in love with his skills at WC'94 and found out later he played for FC Internazionale (this is in '98), also didnt know ronaldo was 18 at that WC...
  7. cloudq

    Fernando Orsi

    so now that Orsi has been sacked by livorno... do you guys think he'll be back as mancini's assistant? ie. Carlos Queiroz going back as ManU assistant i quite remember him taking charge of the Inter bench when mancini was banned or something
  8. cloudq

    Inter - Roma (Super Coppa) (19 Aug 07)

    its 10 days away but im starting a thread now since all these gay roma players and now bruno conti have launched a "we're not inferior to inter" media campaign god, i hope pizarro gets sent off and chivu scores a hat-trick while we rape them by 3+ goals...
  9. cloudq

    Financial scandal

    is it just me or is it just continually being brought up every single year!! what kind of motives would inter have to doctor any of our books? and ever since calciopoli, theres even talk of demotion! just so f*cking pissed over the anti-inter berlusconi mediashits
  10. cloudq


    omg omg omg!!!! coming up to the offseason, we're not gonna have a lot to do in regards to talking about inter so... get to know your fellow interistas that much more by finding out what makes them laugh share the funniest youtube videos youve ever seen i give you bus uncle, a workaholic 40+...
  11. cloudq

    The Big Centenary Birthday Present

    ok, so moratti has established that he is going to buy a VERY BIG NAME to mark Inter's big 100th birthday so im thinking we should set up a poll to see who everyone would like to see wearing an inter shirt for the 2007/08 season already, from previous discussions ive gathered that having...
  12. cloudq

    Serie A/B/C Suspension

    what i wanna know is what is going to happen?? this is probably the worst thing that couldve happened to football, and even worse since inter is far and away the best team in serie a up to this point now the federation whats to suspend all competition and literally leaving everything...
  13. cloudq

    Torino - Inter (13 Jan 07)

    i can see adriano starting this game
  14. cloudq

    Worst movies you have ever seen

    im gonna havta say house of the dead 1 and 2 and starship troopers 2... nothing like being "armed with victory"
  15. cloudq

    Hi all, im from sydney

    hi all... long time lurker, first time poster... some may know from the crappy forums as JiP! and basically that forums dead anyhow... anyway, my favourite teams are inter (duh!) and reggina... and my favourite players are (in order) ronaldo, baggio, adriano and becks and i still...