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    Genoa - Inter (25 July 20) [0-3]

    Kick-off: 19:30 CET Genoa recent form: Same as ours. 9/15 Let's help Genoa secure their place in Serie A next season. Prediction: 1-0 with a Pandev goal in 70' after coming in from bench.
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    Inter - Fiorentina (22 July 20) [0-0]

    Kick-off: 21:45 CET Inter recent form: LDWWD Viola recent form: WDDWW I don't expect anything from this game. Sorry for all those who are butthurt by my opening threads, but someone has to do it and none of you fuckers wanted to. Roma game is ancient by now and we need new dope to dope with.
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    Inter - Bologna (5 Jul 20) [1-2]

    Kick off: 17:15 CET Inter recent form: DWDWW (Including Coppa) Bologna recent form: LWD Skriniar is suspended and I don't know if Brozo will play. Vecino is sick. We should win this, what worries me a bit is the time we play (17:15) when it'll be probably damn hot. Bologna are also a...
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    Inter - Brescia (1 Jul 20) [6-0]

    Kick off: 19:30 CET Inter recent form: DWDW (Including Coppa) Brescia recent form: DD We should win this. Skriniar is still banned and Vecino is sick. Brozo probably out. Brescia are almost a relegated team, which is not entirely good. They can fight like a wild beast cornered since they...
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    Inter - Sassuolo (24 June 20) [3-3]

    - Kick off: 19:30 CET -Inter recent form including Coppa: D W (Obviously not counting the games from fucking February as recent form) -Sassuolo recent form: Lost against Atalanta 4-1. We should win this, Sassuolo is a challenge for us but now I am the thread opener, with recent wins against...
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    Inter - Ludogorets (27 Feb 20) [2-1]

    - Kick off: 21:00 CET Since the game against Sampdoria is postponed, this is officially our next game. First game result: Ludogorets - Inter 0:2 (Eriksen 71', Lukaku pen. 90+5') If we manage not to concede more than one goal, we're fine.
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    Inter - Sampdoria (21 Jun 20) [2-1]

    - Kick off: 20:45 CET Inter recent form: WLLWW (Serie A, Coppa and Europa League included) Sampdoria recent form: LWLDL Sampdoria conceded 15 goals on their last five games, gaining four points. They are relegation battlers, 17th on the table, one point above Genoa and the Serie B traveling...
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    Inter - Milan (9 Feb 20) [4-2]

    - Kick off: 20:45 CET Inter recent form: WWDDW (Coppa included) Milan recent form: DWWWW (Coppa included) As we can see our opponent is in a slightly better form. But, form means nothing in a derby, and judging by everything we saw this season, we should win this. Lautaro Martinez surely...
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    Inter - Bologna (3 Feb 19) [0-1]

    Inter-Bologna (3 Feb 19, Sunday, 18:00 local time) It fell upon me, the Triumvir of TODSS and the Conqueror of the Empoli Campaign, the Winner of our last Win, after two games in the League, to finally grant us a Serie A Victory, against this mighty opponent. We managed to beat them 0-3 on...
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    Empoli - Inter (29 Dec 18) [0-1]

    Empoli-Inter 29.12.2018 15:00 local time. I open this thread because it is within my rights to do so, as a member of this forum. Forza Inter. Let's win.
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    Tottenham - Inter (28 Nov 18) [1-0]

    28.11.2018 21:00 CET Tottenham-INTERNAZIONALE FC Let's rape them up the arse at their Wembley.
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    How Did You Become Rich?

    All FIFers who became rich or earned a notable amount of money can share their experience here and maybe teach the other FIFers some things. So there you go, sharing is caring.
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    Sassuolo - Inter (23 Dec 17) [1-0]

    Sassuolo-Inter (23 December 2017 15:00) Like it or not, show must go on. It's important to win.
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    What are you into in life?

    Seriously, what do you people really care about in life? Are you an idealist, philanthropist? Are you a nihilist bastard and think everything is just shit? Are you a romantic boy/girl believing in eternal love, writing poetry etc.? Do you believe that cash is the most important thing and...