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  1. Materazzi_23

    Prediction League 2019/2020, Matchday 15

    Inter - Roma Atalanta - Verona Udinese - Napoli Lazio - Juventus Lecce - Genoa Sassuolo - Cagliari Spal - Brescia Torino - Fiorentina Sampdoria - Parma Bologna - Milan Inter 2-1 Roma :star: (Lautaro, Lukaku) Atalanta 2-0 Verona Udinese 1-1 Napoli Lazio 2-1 Juventus Lecce 1-1 Genoa Sassuolo...
  2. Materazzi_23

    Prediction League 2019/2020, Matchday 12

    Prediction League 2019/2020, Matchday 12 Sassuolo - Bologna Brescia - Torino Inter - Verona Napoli - Genoa Cagliari - Fiorentina Lazio - Lecce Sampdoria - Atalanta Udinese - Spal Parma - AS Roma Juventus - AC Milan Sassuolo 1-1 Bologna Brescia 1-2 Torino Inter 3-0 Verona :star: (Lukaku...
  3. Materazzi_23

    Youth coaches

    I didn't saw any topic relating to this topic so i've started one. About a month ago i've started to train/coach an youth team nearby, in Holland we call it U19. I thought it would be fun to check if there are any members doing the same and maybe discuss practice forms, tactics etc. Maybe some...
  4. Materazzi_23

    Pre-Season 2018/2019

    Hi guys, I don't know if there is already a thread about this. Will Inter go on trainingscamp to Brunico again this year? When will this be announced? I'm asking because i'm planning a roadtrip with friends to Italy and we want to see Inter at Brunico. I'm guessing the anouncement will be...
  5. Materazzi_23

    Inter-Milan 15 october.

    Does anyone know how I can get an ticket for this match? I live in Holland so I can't just buy it. Maybe get an Siamo Noi Card? Also will there be any member of this forum visiting this match? I know last years the match was never sold out so i'm hoping for the same this year.
  6. Materazzi_23


    Good day to all, I'm Jasper from the Netherlands. I was very active way back in the days, don't even remember under what name but i thought it was time to join again! Will be going to Milan in october to visit the derby. My favourite player is not so hard to guess.;)