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  1. Bergpavian

    Inters Greatest Topscorers

    I posted that table already in Milito thread but for all those who are interested ... Here some more facts about our top-51-goal-scorers (I only wanted to go till 50 ... but now Djorkaeff is also on the list ;) ): And here our topscorers in different tournaments: European Cup (1) 1964...
  2. Bergpavian

    Samba d'Or

    Well ... I don't think that one of them really deserves it but I voted for them with Lucio as my first choice. :D
  3. Bergpavian

    Guerin d'oro

    Regular I maintain german Wikipedia articles about the Serie A. Among others the article "Italian Player of the year". Now I have a question about the Guerin d'oro - a prize that is (was) given by italien sport papers: The last winner I found was Milito in the season 2008/09. I haven't found...
  4. Bergpavian

    Inter Player of the Year

    I think "La Grande Inter" is the right place for my question: I know that there exists an award called "Inter Player of the Year" ... but I haven't found a list in the internet. All I know is that Cambiasso won the award 2005 and Figo in 2006 (and that Stankovics goal against Ajax was awarded...