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  1. Gasparroni

    Campione d'Italia 2008/2009

    It's injury time, but it's already sure. Inter are.........CAMPIONE D'ITALIAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Congratulations to all of us!! Let's use this topic to discuss the beautiful things and pictures that will be made tomorrow. We will party all sunday long here ;)
  2. Gasparroni

    New rules?

    In this topic we can discuss about the new rules that can follow, and what these would mean to Inter. - In the Serie A there will be experiences with a orange card soon. This is a card between the yellow and red card. The player must leave the field for a short time after been giving this card...
  3. Gasparroni


    I think of instead opening a topic for every small thing, there could be a general topic for small questions etc. But it's not me to choose for that. Anyway. I've noticed that the GMT (+1 Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris) time is wrong. It says now it's 3.12 while it's 2.12. Just a small thing.
  4. Gasparroni

    Happy birthday sergiu.inter

    Tanti auguri di buon compleanno amico!
  5. Gasparroni

    Missing members

    I don't know what happend to some members. I've been long away myself, but now that I'm back I wonder what happend to some members. For example, does anyone know where Keir is, and if he will ever come again? I used to like him a lot, he was a great person and poster as far as I remember...
  6. Gasparroni


    I've been inactive for a long while. But now I'm planning to come back. I changed avatar but now it suddenly dissapeared. I also can't find the option to change avatar anymore in User CP. Am I that blind, or is there some kind of mistake here? I should have the avatar of Acquafresca.
  7. Gasparroni

    Mattia Destro

    Who will support Ibrahimovic in our future? Balotelli? Acquafresca? Our topscorer (in Primavera), Napoli? Or.........Mattia Destro?! Destro is doing more than great at the moment. He has already scored 7 goals, our topscorer Napoli has 8 goals so far. Mattia was born on 20 april 1991. With his...
  8. Gasparroni

    The best in Serie A

    The best team is voted bij Gazzetta: Frey, Maicon, Mexes, Cordoba, Zanetti, Figo, Cambiasso, Doni, Nedved, Ibrahimovic, Totti. Coach, Roberto Mancini. While Ibrahimovic is also called the best player of the Serie A by the coaches!!
  9. Gasparroni

    Week 11 of 07/08 Forza Inter Prediction League

    Italian Serie A 3 November 2007 18.00 Lazio - Fiorentina 20.30 AC Milan - Torino 4 November 2007 15.00 Napoli - Reggina 15.00 Livorno - Udinese 15.00 Cagliari - Sampdoria 15.00 Parma - Siena 15.00 Genoa - Palermo 15.00 Empoli - AS Roma 15.00 Catania - Atalanta 20.30 Juventus - Internazionale...
  10. Gasparroni

    Guests & members

    I am sometimes surprised when i see that 15 people are looking in a section, but then i see it are just 2 members and 13 guests.......isnt that a big annoying sometimes? I guess you can read everything as a guest but you only cant answer.....wouldnt it be better to let guests only look to the...
  11. Gasparroni

    Li Ka Shing ready to make an offer of 350 million to buy Inter

    One of the richest people in the world, the Chinese Li ka-shing would want to make a offer of 350 million euro to buy Inter since Inter is the most famous team in China. He belongs in the top 10 of richest people in the world. He would have about 23 billion euro. Here is the news in Italian...
  12. Gasparroni

    I'm new here

    Hello everybody!! I'm a new member and i'm a huge Interista!! My name is Niels and i live in Holland and i'm 21 years. I have some experience on a soccerforum and on the site where the forum belongs to i'm moderator. As i am the only real Interista on the forum it sometimes is a bit boring, so...