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  1. n4l

    French Ligue 1

    I don't think I ever started a thread but here goes. I'm watching Monaco v PSG supercup and surprised to not see a thread for 17/18. Only 10min in but Monaco still looks good despite losing all those key players.
  2. n4l

    Interview with VASILIOS!!

    You have no choice but to accept. I'll start off with: 1. Where were you born? 2. Where do you live today? 3. Age? 4. Kids/wife? 5. What do you do for a living? 6. How is Costa Rica? Is the food good? 7. What type of music do you listen to?
  3. n4l

    Moratti needs to sack.......

    ....himself and the management team. They are and have simply done a terrible job managing this team. A quick glance through the years shows this. There has never been and as evidenced by current conditions, any long term plan, forethought or strategy and if there was, such strategy was short...
  4. n4l

    Moratti, Branca and the fallacy of their "youth" policy

    I've been thinking about this for a long time but I think it is time I put the thoughts in writing. Many see me as being an unjust critic of our management team but out of all the things the management does, the youth "policy" that initially started with Facchetti and now continued by Branca, is...
  5. n4l

    Avatar Options

    why the fuck is there a zlatan avatar in the pre-defined avatar section in the user cp? :confused: seriously, wtf?? :thumbsdo:
  6. n4l


    this is nice.. some members from another forum suggested coming here.. wow....very nice.. i am truly amazed...