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    I got an offer...

    So I got an offer to start up a site from a partner of mines. He'll handle the domain bill, and he'll let me do whatever. I was a server admin, free of charge, for his site for a good long while, so I guess this is his way of repaying me. What site should I start. I'm really feeling an...
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    (Very) few of you may know I have a Football youtube channel. I want to do more presentation-style videos to talk about history of clubs, leagues and other things - but I need a narrator. If you have a mic and can speak fluent english hmu pls
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    I like languages. Learning languages, learning about languages, speaking languages etc etc I'm currently studying Portuguese, and intend to resume my study of Serbian. I'm partially fluent in Spanish and another language commonly found in central Asia (dont worry about it). I would like to be...
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    Major League Soccer 2018 Season thread

    Feel free to move this thread, if it's in the wrong place. MLS starts next month. LAFC is the newest team to begin play. Managed by Bob Bradley and with some real zingers on their team. Meanwhile, Toronto FC are the defending champions having won both the Supporters Shield (European-style...
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    Time to merge CONCACAF and CONMEBOL

    My uncreative name for this merged confederation would be CONCASAF (Confederation of North, Central and South American Association Football). The open spot left by the absence of CONCACAF would be taken by the Caribbean Zone that currently occupies a zone in CONCACAF. Of the 41 members in...
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    What is Inter Milan's biggest issue(s)?

    I want to know, what do you all think is the biggest issue that Inter has been facing since their dip in form? Why exactly have they fallen from their peak, who is lacking, what is lacking, what do they need to do?
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    This is Internazionale

    Made by yours truly. Tell me what you think?
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    Inter Milan version of this video?

    I made this video for Atletico Madrid, and was wondering if I should try something similar for Internazionale?
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    Print ons?

    Hi, unsure if this thread belongs in here but it has to do with jerseys. I told y'all that I had recently bought a retro Inter Milan jersey, a while back. I did some research and I, apparently, had gotten my hands on a jersey from one of the most prolific Inter squads, probably ever. I have a...
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    Sports you hate/like

    Besides football/soccer, what other sports do you have an interest in? On the contrary, what's a sport that you despise? I really like Baseball. It's fun to play and the history that some of the Ballclubs have is comparable to some of the most historic football clubs in the world. Chicago...
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    I run my own site, and was wondering if there was any way to get my site advertised on here for sponsored on here?
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    WWE 2K18

    Who got 2K18 this year?
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    Teams you casually like/appreciate

    Everyone here obviously supports/likes Inter, but I'm wondering what team you like or are fond of. You don't necessarily need to go and find a forum of the club, get a tattoo of their crest and thump your chest in passion - but just a team you find to be interesting. Exclude teams you actively...
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    Soccer in America

    I'm talking hard ball football. I don't really watch other sports or much of anything. I've just been reading a lot more on football/soccer in America. Basically, the system is corrupt. That's the tl;dr version of what the problem is, but the issues are way too deep to just leave at that. The...
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    I'm from the U.S. (as you can tell by the name). I was looking around Google, and I found this site. I like Inter Milan and talking Footie so I joined. Recently bought a retro Inter jersey so my Inter fever as at an all-time high ;) I support the Chicago Fire (hometown), Atletico Madrid and...
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    Questions about sections

    Is there anywhere new users can introduce themselves? Also is there a suggestion section? Sorry if there is, but I didn't find it. Thanks!