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  1. Handoyo

    Inter - Pordenone (Coppa Italia) (12 Dec 17) [0(5)-0]

    Sorry for getting ahead of schedule but I came across this. Kinda fitting for this weekend's game too! :lol::lol::lol: This is the promotion poster made by Pordenone ahead of our Coppa Italia clash with them next Tuesday. (Pordenone have never been higher than Serie C) :lol::lol::lol: Brilliant!
  2. Handoyo

    Inter - Hapoel Be'er Sheva (15 Sep 16) [0-2]

    Definitely takes the cake when it comes to the best football club name ever :lol: Let's just hope Sheva don't rape us the way Sheva did in the past :chan: Looking at the way we register our squad for this competition, I won't be surprised if we rest a lot of important players for the upcoming...
  3. Handoyo

    An important reminder

    There was a period of time where we only allowed moderators to open new threads in the Transfers & Rumors forum because the amount of new threads was just ridiculous. Think properly before opening a new one. We trust that you will make the right judgments but if things get worse, we also won't...
  4. Handoyo

    Lazio - Inter (5 May 2002) [4-2]

    Instead of trying to delude ourselves by remembering when we beat Barcelona in what only was a freaking CL semi, regardless of how epic that was, it's better for Inter to relive these moments. We learn so much more from these tragedies, from these heartbreaks, than from trying to convince...
  5. Handoyo

    Sampdoria - Inter (4 Oct 15) [1-1]

    Supreme Leader's first match thread This gon be gud Can one of my peons put up the damn date too busy planning to nuke the South to check that shit
  6. Handoyo


    When Man Utd beat Bayern Munich in 1999 for the Treble, they became the first team from Europe's Big 3 leagues to ever achieve that. I remembered that the everyone from the papers, players, coaches were all lauding that achievement because it had seemed impossible. Fast forward 16 years...
  7. Handoyo

    Clash of Clans

    Anyone play this game? My ID: oyodnaH Clan: PCI Platinum If anyone is interested in joining
  8. Handoyo


    Is there any way to delete your facebook account? Tired of hackers trying to hack into mine. Last year, my relatives were cheated of thousands of dollars when someone posed as me. I know that sounds stupid, but I hardly use that shit anymore and I don't want anyone else getting scammed because...
  9. Handoyo

    Forza Inter Forums 10th anniversary

    Hi guys. :) I can't believe how fast time has passed us by, it has been 10 years since the founding of this forum. 4 March 2004, a trio of Interisti looking for a new home decided to go at it and created this forum, which has since proudly became the best and biggest English-speaking Inter...
  10. Handoyo


    I wasn't really a football fan back in 1999 but I remembered that everyone made a huge noise over the fact that Man Utd just won the Treble. For years, it feels like something that can only be done in Football Managers. But now, 3 teams have done it in the past 4 years; Barcelona in 2009, Inter...
  11. Handoyo

    Le wild Zoey appears!

    Zoey Sudarga Born on the 4th month On the 4th At 4pm :megusta: (Hides her away from Uni Browha Brad)
  12. Handoyo

    The Dark Knight Rises (Spoilers)

    Wanna create a separate thread cos I'm too lazy to use/read spoiler tags in the Movies tag. Just wanna say I am disappoint
  13. Handoyo

    Grazie Inter

    15 June 2005 Coppa Italia | Inter - Roma 1-0 (3-0 on aggregate) 22 April 2007 Scudetto | Siena - Inter 1-2 22 May 2010 Champions League | Bayern Munich - Inter 0-2 29 May 2011 Coppa Italia | Inter - Palermo 3-1 It started with a Coppa Italia, and it ended with a Coppa Italia. For 7...
  14. Handoyo


    Hi guys, just wanna tell you that something happened to me last night. My emails, facebook, Amazon and God knows what else was 'hacked' by some asshole. So if I appear to ask you for some money or private information, do not give it. One of my good friends already fell to this scam and he lost a...
  15. Handoyo

    F.C. Internazionale Milano - Season 10/11 Oscars

    Better late than never. :P Same rule as the usual FI Oscars. 3 points for first place, 2 points for 2nd place and 1 point for 3rd place. This is last year's thread in case anyone wanna take a look. 01) Goalkeeper of the season 02) Defender of the season 03) Midfielder of the season 04)...
  16. Handoyo

    Important tips for jersey owners!

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who collects jerseys, be it Inter or some other clubs/NTs, in this forum. I usually keep my jersey folded, and put them in a drawer. I haven't used some of them for years (literally) and when I was moving out to my new house, I was horrified as I unpacked them out...
  17. Handoyo

    Inter Community - Free for all! (emcct)

    I just found out that I accidentally deleted emcct's thread. :palm: This may sound like some conspiracy theory like The Godfather eliminating his enemies/rivals (:D) but I swear all that happened was I tried to delete some double post from the tickets thread (that I myself made) and I have no...
  18. Handoyo

    Milan - Inter (2 Apr 11)

    The biggest league Derby in the last decade. Make no mistake, despite players, coaches and everyone else saying this is not decisive, this is a ScuDerby. Other than the title race, there is also the Leo factor. He has been condemned by Milanisti but is a hero now among those who used to...
  19. Handoyo

    Earthquake in Japan

    8.9 earthquake has just hit the northern coast of Japan. I know that LW19 lives or maybe used to live there. I sincerely hope all of the Japanese FInteristi, and all Japanese in general, will be alright.