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  1. firmino

    Inter - Fiorentina (26 Sept 20) [4-3]

    Saturday, 26 September 2020, kick-off 20:45 Italian time With Benevento-Inter officially postponed to the 30th, Inter-Fiorentina will be our first Serie A match.
  2. firmino

    Atalanta - Inter (1 Aug 20) [0-2]

    Atalanta-Inter, 01/08/2020 What: Atalanta-Inter, Serie A, 38th match-day When: 01/08/2020, h. 20.45 local time (CET) Where: Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia, Bergamo Why: for the second position Atalanta: WDWDW Inter: WWDDW I cannot stress enough that kick-off is at 20.45, NOT 21.45
  3. firmino

    Mario Corso

    Mario Corso has died at the age of 78. The news came out today, but reports he died yesterday. He had been in the hospital for a few days. I took the liberty of putting him here in "La Grande Inter" because that's where he obviously belongs. Nicknamed "God's left foot", he...
  4. firmino

    Joaquín Peiró

    Former midfielder Joaquín Peiró has died today at the age of 84. He played for Inter in the seasons 1964/65 and 1965/66: 25 caps and 8 goals scored, winning 2 league titles, 1 European Cup and 2 International Cups.
  5. firmino

    Alberto Rivolta

    Yesterday, one day before his 52nd birthday, Alberto Rivolta has died, after a 25 years long battle against a rare and terrible disease, spinal cord ependymoma. He has only played 7 matches with the Inter jersey, one of them in the record season 1988/89, but he was a nerazzurro through and...
  6. firmino

    the forum is slow

    It has already happened a couple of times, so I figured I could open a thread, for when it happens again. in short: the home page of the site (but as far as I can see, the home page only) loads very slowly, 56k modem kind of slowly.
  7. firmino

    Inter broadcasts areound the world.

    i couldn't find a thread so i opened one. this post is specifically for north american supporters: FloSports acquires exclusive Coppa Italia and Supercoppa rights in Canada --> ESPN acquires Coppa Italia and...
  8. firmino

    Geography and History

    I didn't find any such thread so i decided to open one now, being geography and history two big passions of mine. a change in the official name of the state macedonia is very likely to take place in the next few days. the parliament of the state of Macedonia, officially Πоранешна Југословенска...
  9. firmino

    Other leagues

    A thread for all the leagues that don't have a thread of their own because they would likely not have enough posts to justify one. the opener is for the very brillant aziz couple:
  10. firmino

    How do you rate Inter's first half of 2018/19 season?

    I was actually trying to make a poll but I can't see the option, maybe a mod can add it later. Anyways, how do you rate this first half of the season? Compared to last year we have two fewer points but we also played champions League. Our group wasn't the easiest but in the end it was in our...
  11. firmino

    Club World Cup 2018

    surprise surprise, the world of football has wasted a couple of weeks over a team which couldn't even beat al-ain :yao: 2-2 after extra time, then ail-ain prevailed thanks to the penalty shoot-outs thus reaching the final
  12. firmino

    3rd Place: Belgium - England

    Third place play-off. Saturday, 7/14. 16.00 CEST time zone. possible reasons of interest for this match: - i mean, it's a football match, why not? - let's see how dembele (the belgian player linked to Inter) plays. - a minor number of people (including me) are interested in who is gonna...
  13. firmino

    Antonio Valentín Angelillo

    Former Inter forward Antonio Valentín Angelillo died aged 80 the 5th of January, 2018. The news agencies only talked about this today as per wish of the family. In 1958/59 he scored 33 goals in serie A, the league had 18 teams back then so lasted 34 matches. This record of his for goals scored...
  14. firmino

    We will still look at the stars together

    All good things come to an end, they say... my dog passed away and so that was the end to our long-lasting friendship. It happened overnight, he was already dead at the vet's. He said it was probably an aneurysm, pretty common in old dogs. I'm happy he died this way rather than suffering for a...
  15. firmino

    PC/tech stuff

    I was sure there was already such a thread but I can't find it (if there is), so I'm posting a new one. I want to buy a new laptop, but i need a piece of advice about one thing for which i can't seem to find a clear answer: does the resolution affect the battery life? i have seen a marvelous...
  16. firmino

    Eugenio Bersellini

    Eugenio Bersellini has passed away today, he was 81. He was our coach in the season 1979/80, when we won our twelfth "scudetto". the following season he reached the semi-finals in champions league. he also won with us two Coppa Italia: in 1977/78 and 1981/82. he was known as the "Iron...
  17. firmino

    Tech nOOb asks for help

    When it comes to technical pc stuff I'm a noob. I almost always somehow get by with the help of He Who Knows Everything (a.k.a. google) but on this one He doesn't seem to help me so I have to ask for help elsewhere as I'm going mad. And who should i ask if not the wonderful community of FIF...
  18. firmino

    WORLD: FIFA Club World Cup, finale: Real Madrid - Kashima Antlers

    Real Madrid - Kashima Antlers 2-2 after regular time go kashima, captain tsubasa would be proud of you guys
  19. firmino


    anyone in retrogaming, here? for those who don't know, retrogaming means to play older videogames. how old, it depends on personal preferences: to me, from the origins to playstation 2. you can do retrogaming in two ways: the first, very cheap and often completely free, just by playing roms on...
  20. firmino

    UEFA Super Cup 2016/2017

    As the title says, Real Madrid vs Siviglia for the UEFA Super Cup. 1-1 after the first half (21' Asensio for RM, 41' great equalizer by former Palermo trequartista Vasquez).