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  1. Demokritos

    The Suning Commerce Group

    They invest heavily on Ant Group (part of alibaba) and Evergrand automobile. both failed misrablily and they have liquidity issue in china as well.
  2. Demokritos

    Inter - Sevilla (21 Aug 20) [3-2]

    Not a great way to finish the season. but I still consider this season above my expectation.
  3. Demokritos

    Inter - Sevilla (21 Aug 20) [3-2]

  4. Demokritos

    Inter - Sevilla (21 Aug 20) [3-2]

    How can they/could we make their set pieces feels like penalties
  5. Demokritos

    Inter - Sevilla (21 Aug 20) [3-2]

    Lukaku is fucking beast
  6. Demokritos

    Inter - Shakhtar Donetsk (17 Aug 20) [5-0]

    Dumbo the fighter!!!
  7. Demokritos

    Inter - Shakhtar Donetsk (17 Aug 20) [5-0]

    Dumbo is a fucking fighter
  8. Demokritos

    Stefano Sensi

    And inter games caused people heart attacks. watching inter games while surfing FIF game thread is a serious hazard.
  9. Demokritos

    Inter - Shakhtar Donetsk (17 Aug 20) [5-0]

    We will be the favs if we win Shaktar tonight.
  10. Demokritos

    Inter - Brescia (1 Jul 20) [6-0]

    Bastoni is so good pure class
  11. Demokritos

    Inter - Sassuolo (24 June 20) [3-3]

    This goal make me laugh so hard...
  12. Demokritos

    Lazio - Inter (16 Feb 20) [2-1]

    I beileve MU give up young because of their 'youth project' Young not young any more, so they give up young to play young.
  13. Demokritos

    Stefan de Vrij

    kumbulla and godin is not replacement, it is addition. if you play 3 CB formation, you need 5-6 competent CBs to run through the whole season. You can see why we want kumblla, he play left CB in a 3 man system for verona. he is going to rotate with bastoni.
  14. Demokritos

    Matias Vecino

    Headless Chicken best describing him most of the game...
  15. Demokritos

    Antonio Conte

    Thats why icardi must be sold.
  16. Demokritos

    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    too good to be true
  17. Demokritos

    Sassuolo - Inter (20 Oct 19) [3-4]

    Lautaro looks like suddenly turning into Aguero this game
  18. Demokritos

    Inter - Juventus (6 Oct 19) [1-2]

    we are like suddenly playing with 1 man down with Viceno up for sensi
  19. Demokritos

    Marcelo Brozović

    This is the only player that cant be replaced. that just showed how good he is.
  20. Demokritos

    Barcelona - Inter (2 Oct 19) [2-1]

    That was clear foul