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  1. Luka

    Inter Google Calendar

    Hey guys Does any of you use this ? I've checked and it does have the fixtures from last season, but it's not updated yet for the new one even though the dates are known for a long time now. Is it reliable? Maybe some of you are using some other google...
  2. Luka

    Legal online streaming for Inter games somewhere? (Pay-per-view)

    Hey guys. I wanted to ask if any of you is aware of some online service which would allow me to watch inter matches (all or only in seriea) legally through internet with some pay-per-view system. Ideally in english or italian, but if that's not possible then in any language. Currently we have...
  3. Luka

    FIF members meeting in Milano (February 22-24, Milan Derby)

    Hi guys. Long time no see :shades: Let me cut to the chase and the reason of this topic. Me and a friend of mine were planning on going to Milano this year as we haven't been on a game of Inter since 2008 I think. If nothing unexpected will happen we will make that trip. Most likely with us...
  4. Luka

    Luka's Farewell

    Due to several reasons, including inability in accomodating my request by 2 of the forum TPTB members, but most of all due to bigger and bigger lack of time which will only get worse as time goes by(am not 20 anymore), I'm leaving FIF for good. I want to thank everybody who welcomed me back in...
  5. Luka

    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co), Mercato Strategies, The Future & The Past JJMs collection of names that Inter is linked to: List of players who were/are linked to Inter( summer mercato 2013) I don't understand what's the point of closing the other thread, since all was needed was...
  6. Luka

    Merry Christmas :)

    Merry Christmas to everybody, sends Luka :)
  7. Luka

    Change of a coach, or transfers, or both?

    This is simple poll. There are many groups I've noticed, and I'm just wondering what people think is the true reason we sack. People who want coach sacked or not, are already known, but with transfers it's not, cause many people say different things. The poll is public with only 1 possible...
  8. Luka

    (Rafa thread - Yes, another) The FACTS we so often "like to forget"

    Ok, so we have 10 threads or something, in every one of them Rafa is being discussed. I don't want to write it down there, because I'm repeating myself to death now. Also, it's more about the issue of evaluating situation, rather than situation itself. Otherwise I could post it in Nyall thread...
  9. Luka

    Diegus - "Bash me or Trash me" thread

    Since from time to time Diegus writes at interfans some interesting stuff about our mercato, I figured it might be better to put all those interesting stuff in one thread, instead of just writing in different threads, where the stories belong. Especialy, since some people are irritated by his...
  10. Luka

    Season 2010/2011 expectations for Rafa

    Ok here's the deal. I wanted to create this thread before the friendlies, to have a fresh opinions without even Rafa "touching" the friendlies, but wasn't able to create a poll before. I also wanted to do it before friendlies, because it would be as fresh after winning the trebble as possible...
  11. Luka

    CL coefficients and why Serie A clubs struggle in Europa League

    Well, the CL seets is a good stats to base our opinions on, because it's not just that it involves like 7 teams every year, but also that it's based on more than 1 year, 5 to be exact. However, the problem with bringing this 4th CL spot, is that Germany pretty much won it through UEFA cup. If...
  12. Luka

    Luka's 'Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution' Challenge

    It's become possible to play online the best PES game up to date, which is WE9LE. If anybody would like to play a game or two, PM me, and we can arrange something. (most likely in the evening; around 22-23 CET). cheers ps. Don't you think scoring is as easy in this game, as it is in those...
  13. Luka

    "Birth" cerificate of Interisti at ForzaInterForums

    This thread is simply to create a historic map of interisti writing at ForzaInterForums. :) Let me say one important thing: It is no shame if someone started supporting Inter last year, or in 1950. This is not to create some "inferiority" groups in the forums. Just be honest, and have fun...
  14. Luka

    The GREAT Moratti dynasty (the heir - Angelomario Moratti)

    I think we're not that far away from the heir of Massimo taking over our club. Probably Massimo is waiting for the CL success, and then maybe couple more years, but deffinetly this moment is coming... In December AngeloMario was given as much power in the club as the Massimos and Ghelfis have...
  15. Luka

    Mercato team (Branca & Co) + mercato evaluations thread

    Cafe is ok with the idea, so here I am opening official thread for our transfer team, the evaluation of their job during mercatos, and general talk about if and how the mercatos affect the general quality of our team over the years. Over the years, the comments about the transfer windows were...
  16. Luka

    Name first 5 Serie A teams for 2009/2010

    Simple question, simple topic. 5 teams, because 3 would be too easy, and the fifth team is the one failing to reach CL and yet the closest one from the rest. I'll start. 1. Inter 2. Juventus 3. Genoa 4. Fiorentina 5. Palermo
  17. Luka

    Inter - Bari (23 Aug 09)

    Here we go, first game of the season !!! Cuchu injured, and with Sneijder flight still delayed to Milano, it is interesting how will Jose play versus Bari. First game of a season, so he could be quite carefull, otherwise we might see 4-4-2, or 4-2-4 so to speak. In place of Cuchu there could...
  18. Luka

    Round of X vs 1/X

    Ok, but we were beaten in 1/8, not in quarter-finals.
  19. Luka

    Official: Inter sign Ricardo Quaresma

    Ok. Apparently, this thread can be very popular in coming weeks, so I think it is only fair to creat one. Here is a little characteristics from wikipedia: "Ricardo Andrade Quaresma Bernardo (born 26 September 1983, in Lisbon, Portugal) is a Portuguese football midfielder who currently plays...
  20. Luka

    "Sexmision" -classic 1989 polish movie(Comedy) - Recomended by Luka!!!

    "Sexmision" -classic 1984 polish movie(Comedy) - Recomended by Luka!!! Ok, so I gave a hint to shahz about this movie, but it seems he forgot about it, or couldn't get it anywhere. So, when I watched it couple of days ago(5th, or 6th time), I was again so into this movie, that I did the...